More male fatalities than females in Guimaras

Data released by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) indicated that more males died than females in Guimaras province during the first two quarters of 2019.

The data also showed a large gender gap of 19.74 percentage points or a ratio of 100 males per 67 female deaths.

Of the 456 Guimaras total registered deaths, 273 (59.87%) were males and 183 (40.13%) were females.

The same scenario was seen in all municipalities of Guimaras province, with the largest gender gap in Sibunag at 48.15 percentage points, Nueva Valencia and Jordan with 23.08 and 22.92 percentage points, respectively, and a ratio of 100 males per 63 female deaths each.

Buenavista recorded the least gender gap of 3.13 percentage points, and a sex ratio of 100 males per 94 female deaths registered by usual residence of deceased.

Male registered deaths across municipalities showed that Buenavista registered the most number reaching at 66, accounting almost one-fourth or 24.18 percent of the provincial male deaths.

Nueva Valencia and Jordan contributed 23.44 percent and 21.61 percent, respectively, while San Lorenzo and Sibunag municipalities accounted for 16.12 percent and 14.65 percent, respectively.

Buenavista also recorded more female deaths with 62 fatalities, comprising one-third of the total female deaths of the province.

Nueva Valencia posted 40 female deaths (21.86%), Jordan with 37 (20.22%), and San Lorenzo with 30, contributing 16.39 percent to the provincial female deaths.

Sibunag had the least female deaths by usual residence of deceased with 14 cases, or a 7.65 percent share in the provincial female deaths.