MORE Power provides relief with free water during outage

By Mariela Angella Oladive

Amidst a 12-hour power outage scheduled for cleaning and maintenance, MORE Electric and Power Corporation (MORE Power) found a novel way to alleviate the impact on the residents of Iloilo City.

The power company, in collaboration with the Bureau of Fire Protection – Iloilo City and Federation Fire Iloilo, delivered free cold water to 12 barangays hit by the power interruption, helping residents overcome water scarcity and the sweltering heat.

This initiative on April 21, 2024, is part of MORE Power’s ongoing efforts to serve its community beyond electricity.

The company has previously engaged in customer care activities, including distributing mugs, rice, and hosting parlor games. This time, the provision of water for washing and bathing was a welcome respite for the affected barangays, especially those facing water shortages.

Maricris Cabalhin, MORE Power’s Head for Customer Care, emphasized the joy such simple acts could bring.

“It’s heartwarming to see both kids and adults finding joy in simple things like this. We hope we can help ease the discomfort caused by the heat and lack of electricity in their area,” she said as children reveled in bathing from the hoses of the fire trucks.

The residents expressed their gratitude for the timely aid.

Leny Griño thanked MORE Power, noting that their community water pump was producing muddy water.

Joel Banayo also appreciated the assistance, emphasizing the challenge of fetching water during the blackout.

“Thank you gid MORE, kag salamat gid sa inyo bulig kag sa subong pa nga daan ang bomba namon sa tubig, lubog naman ang nagagwa,” Griño said.

Local leaders also voiced their appreciation.

Barangay Captain Bebing Padilla from Cubay, Jaro, highlighted the critical need for water in their area due to drying wells.

“Sa amo ni nga situation ilabe na sa subong nga tion nga kulang ang tubig sa amon nga area kay ang mga bubon mamala na, dako gid ini nga bulig sa amon nga mga pumuluyo kay iban nagabakho sila nga kulang sila tubig. Pero subong iya, nagbulig gid ang MORE para sa mga pumuluyo sa barangay.”

Barangay Captain Antonio Jacobo Jr. from Balabago, Jaro, and Barangay Captain Amadeo Sultan from Simon Ledesma, Jaro, shared similar concerns about water scarcity and thanked MORE Power for their initiative.

“Ang bubon diri naghubas naman. Bisan pampaligo kag panghugas problema gid. Salamat gid sa inisyatibo sang MORE Power nga paghatag sang libre nga tubig,” Jacobo said.

The power interruption was a necessary step in Phase 2 of the maintenance of 69kV lines, including cleaning, washing, and replacing post insulators contaminated due to El Niño and light rain. This buildup of dirt and salt could lead to sparks and further outages.