Murder attempt on a Yanson-3

By Modesto P. Sa-onoy


In yesterday’s narrative in the complaint about the attempted murder of Emily V. Yanson, the witnesses saw the boom truck intending to ram down Emily and the workers trying to protect their boss with shouts for Mancia, the driver, to stop but Mancia appeared determined to finish his job.

“When Mancia charged towards EVY and the rest of the Complainants and several other employees,” the Complaint said, “Ebugan and Torcelero noticed that Mancia’s face suddenly turned red manifesting determination to continue with what he was doing” – smash into Emily and whoever was on the path of the boom truck.

“When the boom truck was forced to a halt by the timely intervention of Complainants and several other employees, John Doe No. 1, jumped off the passenger seat of the boom truck.” This scene was caught in a photo showing this John Doe “in yellow hooded jacket, orange shirt and wearing sunglasses.” The photo was appended to the complaint. The “hooded jumper” was also “captured on video at 0.36 to 0.38 seconds.” He was fast but the camera was faster and he got caught in it and into the evidence of his role in the alleged attempted murder.

According to the witnesses, the hooded jumper was followed by the two other respondents, Gener Ilonggo and Victorino Hucalinas jumping off the passenger side of the boom truck. There were therefore four people in the boom truck when it tried to run down Emily Yanson and the others beside or around her – Mancia the driver, the hooded jumper, Ilonggo and Hucalinas.

As the boom truck occupants jumped, Gallo shouted “DAKPA NA, DAKPA NA” (Get them now! Get them now!). He was referring to Ilonggo and Hucalinas. Gallos’ voice are recorded in the video camera.

Policemen arrived and took Ilonggo and Hucalinas. That was the last time the witnesses saw them.

Did the policemen take the duo to arrest them for investigation for an apparent attempted murder or whatever like reckless driving or were they taken away to protect them? The affidavit did not mention anything about the policemen asking questions on what was going on. That seems unusual and suspicious.

The witnesses thus have reason to think that the apprehension of Ilonggo and Hucalinas was part of a plan to assassinate Emily with police active participation. The hearing on this criminal case would be able to interrogate these two policemen whose identities were caught on video camera. This should be a very interesting aspect of the whole plan to take over the VTI that can lead to higher echelons of the Philippine National Police and the ferreting out of undesirables in uniform.

“It should likewise be emphasized,” the Complaint continued, “that despite the effort of Complainants and several VTI employees and despite the fact that the boom truck was only inches away from EVY and the other Complainants and several other VTI employees, Mancia continued to make several and loud engine revolution, while stepping on the clutch.

“At one point during the incident, Torcelero pounded the windshield of the truck and told Mancia, “MA’AM TA NI HO, PATYON MO. PANAOG DA” (THIS IS OUR BOSS YOU ARE TRYING TO KILL, GO DOWN FROM THE TRUCK).

“Mancia also tried to take off his seat belt, but he panicked and it took him quite a while to take off his seat belt. Then Mancia attempted to run away. This prompted Langote to run after him and eventually accosted him. This was partly captured on video at 0.42.”

In the photo which was appended as Annex “E” of the Complaint, Mancia is shown holding a black bag. The black bag, which Mancia was carrying at the time of the incident contained a firearm and several ammunitions according to Langote.”

Why was Mancia armed? The affidavit did not say whether Langote actually saw the weapon or it was merely his assumption. Perhaps he had prior knowledge that the bag contained the firearm? Was Mancia known to always carry a firearm which would be unusual for a radioman at the time? Also, why was a radioman driving the boom truck? How did he get to drive it?

Continued March 22.