Mutilated human body parts found outside NBI Office

A police officer inspects a sack containing mutilated human body parts discovered in front of the NBI-Bacolod office in Barangay 4, Bacolod City, on Friday. (Photo courtesy of Police Station 2)

BACOLOD City – “They chose the wrong city.”

Mayor Alfredo “Albee” Benitez expressed stern disapproval following the unsettling discovery of mutilated human body parts outside the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)-Bacolod office on Aguinaldo Street, Barangay 4.

Police Captain Glenn Montaño, chief of Police Station 2, reported that the body parts were found inside a sack by an NBI staff member around 5:45 a.m. yesterday.

Montaño indicated that the body parts had been frozen, suggesting they may have originated from a morgue.

But he emphasized that all possibilities are being considered to identify the victim, noting the absence of recent reports of missing individuals in the city.

Montaño also revealed that an anonymous note was left at the scene, implicating an NBI agent as a protector of a drug lord. He confirmed that they are in communication with the NBI regarding the accusation, and the agency will be conducting its own inquiry.

The investigation suggests that the implicated NBI agent, who has been actively involved in combating illegal gambling, believes the incident could be related to their work, Montaño added.

He also suggested that this act might serve as a diversionary tactic by the perpetrator, but it is still being treated seriously as a potential threat.

Benitez has called on the NBI to thoroughly investigate the matter.

“Let them do their job,” he insisted, emphasizing the need to understand why the incident occurred at that particular location.

“It seems that they’re really challenging the NBI,” he commented in the local dialect.

Atty. Renoir Baldovino, head of NBI-Bacolod, acknowledged the gravity of the situation, which is unprecedented for their office.

Baldovino stated that their last anti-drug operation was conducted in 2021, and their records show no indication of the NBI agent being involved in the illegal drug trade.

He affirmed the agency’s commitment to their duties, saying, “If this is calculated to sow fear on us because we’re currently active against illegal gambling, we will continue with our mandate.”

This incident has added to the concerns of Mayor Benitez, who was already alarmed by reports of mutilated body parts found last year.

Police Colonel Noel Aliño, director of the Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO), described the incident as a serious threat to the NBI agent.

While acknowledging the challenges in identifying the victim, Aliño assured that Police Station 2 is dedicated to investigating the incident further.