Nasty joke

THIS is one cruel joke

Purportedly, not a few female police officers sought to be transferred from the Iloilo Police Provincial Office before Police Colonel Roland Vilela took over the helm of Camp Sumagaysay in Sta. Barbara, Iloilo.

Apparently, this nasty claim is being linked to Col. Vilela’s purported “colorful past,” particularly his failed marriage with Royina Garma, herself a prominent police official until her appointment as PCSO general manager.

Come on people, Col. Vilela only alluded to his colorful past, especially in his younger days, but not a criminal charge relative to being a Don Juan (the Seducer of Seville) prospered against him.

We should give Vilela a chance to prove his capability as a police officer, not his supposedly legendary virility.


What about gambling?

This is the question we should be asking Col. Vilela as regards his priority programs at the IPPO.

As reported by Daily Guardian’s top PNP and military beat reporter Jennifer Rendon, the new IPPO chief is training his guns at illegal drugs and internal cleansing of the PNP ranks.

Part of the report reads:

Vilela said he intended to continue the vigorous campaign against illegal drugs and all forms of criminality.

“Truly, illegal drugs perpetuate criminality and has been claimed for most heinous crimes committed such as murder, robbery, kidnapping, rape, parricide and even petty crimes like snatching and theft,” he said.

Vilela notes that the list is long and the statistics could be depressing that there’s a need for relentless law enforcement operations

“Since then, the enormity of the gruesome problem was revealed and as the days pass on, we realize that the tentacles of criminal enterprises are so entrenched and have already reached far and wide that they already tainted even some of our hallowed institutions, the Philippine National Police included,” he said.

Where’s illegal gambling in this winding statement?

Col. Vilela should realize that illegal gambling became a convenient money-laundering machine for illegal drug syndicates.

Just ask your predecessor, sir.



Iloilo City Local Civil Registrar’s Office chief Juncae Manikan and his wife, City Tourism assistant head Eireen Manikan are now the targets of investigations on alleged irregularities at the City Hall.

Juncae is being tagged in defective marriages believed to be products of connivance between City Hall and Hall of Justice employees. But the basis for this allegation is shaky at the very least. The only piece of paper that triggered the probe is an unsigned paper being attributed to a certain Marion Durban, who is detained for illegal drug charges.

Durban also claims to be a brother of former MTCC judge Ofelia Artuz who is also being tagged in the defective marriage yarn.

In the case of Mrs. Eireen Manikan, her accusers are casual or contractual workers at City Hall, whose employment and income are dependent on the powers that be at the city government.

For now, these are nothing but “he said, she said” stories.