NCCA to lead Museums & Galleries month celebration in Iloilo City

THE National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) will be leading another national celebration in October, designated as Museums and Galleries Month (MGM) by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 798, s 1991. The year’s theme, “Building the Nation, One Exhibit at a Time,” highlights the prime role of museums and galleries as institutions in awakening the Filipino national consciousness vital to nation-building.

The MGM will be holding its first ever Kick-Off Ceremony hosted by the lloilo Museum of Contemporary Art (ILOMOCA) in lloilo City to commence the month-long celebration. The event further underscores the role of museums and galleries as custodians of Filipino identity and history through the protection and preservation of various art forms.

Furthermore, MGM will be bringing museums and galleries closer to the Filipino people for them to understand that these institutions are mandated to promote our culture with embodiments of the past and presentations of our contemporary environs.

Through activities of various participating government agencies, museums, galleries, and other institutions, the NCCA is looking forward to seeing all Filipinos appreciate and engage in art exhibitions and recognize its inclusivity.

In collaboration with NCCA’s partner-institutions, the following MGM major activities will be made possible: MindanaoArt from October 4-6; Philippine Museums Summit from October 7-9; and ManilaArt from October 9-13. Other activities are currently in the works which will be announced on the NCCA social media accounts.

The MGM Secretariat can be reached through their e-mail address or telephone number, (02) 527 2207.