New Book Celebrates City’s Progress

From Mayor Jerry Treñas Facebook page

A new coffee-table book titled “Iloilo City Rises” is set to launch on May 20 in Iloilo City, showcasing the city’s historical evolution and modern-day achievements through vibrant narratives and photography.

The 256-page, 9” x 12” publication, filled with seven essays from local residents, explores the dynamic interplay between Iloilo’s heritage and contemporary growth under Mayor Jerry P. Treñas.

From its origins as a Spanish settlement in the mid-16th century to its designation as a highly urbanized city in 1979, Iloilo has not only retained its rich history but also embraced rapid urban and economic development.

The book delves into various aspects of the city, including its economic expansion, educational leadership in Western Visayas, and community-focused social programs, which strengthen its moniker as the “City of Love.”

Highlighting its status as one of UNESCO’s creative cities for gastronomy in 2023, “Iloilo City Rises” also details the local cuisine that has placed it on the world culinary map.

Furthermore, the book illustrates Iloilo’s role as a hub for cultural and recreational activities, making it a prime destination for conferences and events.

The publication includes forward-looking essays by former Senator Franklin Drilon, a noted advocate for Iloilo’s development, and Mayor Treñas.

Drilon commended the mayor’s efforts in fulfilling his promise of enhancing life for every Ilonggo, saying, “The light of day reveals even more exciting developments … [attesting] to our Mayor Jerry Treñas’ delivery on his promise of a better life for every Ilonggo.”

Mayor Treñas expressed optimism about the future resilience and adaptability of Iloilo and its citizens, reflecting on their profound connection with their environment and heritage.

“As we Ilonggos grow more secure in the greater knowledge of ourselves in the context of our ecosystem—what we are capable of giving or taking, and our amazing ability to absorb and recover from, and prepare for future shocks, whether they be economic, environmental, social, and institutional—we know that, indeed, the best is yet to come,” he said.

“Iloilo City Rises” is co-published by the Iloilo Festivals Foundation, Inc. (IFFI) and Kasingkasing Press, with both hardbound and softbound editions available post-launch.

Pre-order rates are offered at PHP 2,150.00 for hardbound copies (regular price PHP 2,700.00) and PHP 1,250.00 for softbound (regular price PHP 1,600.00). Interested buyers can contact IFFI directly for purchases.


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