New Western Visayas police chief aims to eradicate criminal elements

Regional Public Information Office 6 Photo

By Jennifer P. Rendon

The newly-appointed Police Regional Office (PRO) 6 chief, Brigadier General Jack Wanky, has set an ambitious goal that surpasses the achievements of his predecessors: the complete eradication of criminals from the community.

Wanky declared this commitment in a press statement from PRO-6 on February 22. This pronouncement raises the question: How can one truly eliminate the potential for criminality in society?

Further details from the press release reveal Wanky’s instructions to subordinate commanders and other ranking officers of PRO-6 to engage in “an honest-to-goodness law enforcement operation,” with a particular focus on the illegal drug trade.

He has also called for “aggressively conducted regular checkpoints, enhanced police visibility and beat/mobile patrols at all places of convergence, and an intensified campaign on local ordinances.”

This directive was issued during his first command conference on February 21, two days after assuming his post. The meeting was attended by the PRO-6 command and regional staff, personal and special staff, provincial and city police directors, and regional chiefs of PNP National Support Units.

Wanky has directed all attendees to foster strong relationships and collaborations with local chief executives, other law enforcement agencies, and the community to create a participative and productive atmosphere.

He stressed the importance of police tapping into the support of force multipliers, advocacy groups, and barangay support groups as an effective defense against criminal activity.

Furthermore, Wanky has advocated for the installation of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in busy streets, areas of convergence, and around business and financial institutions.

His vision doesn’t stop there; Wanky expects Western Visayas policemen to consistently maintain a high standard of work ethics and responsibility.

He emphasized the need for police to lead by example and announced his intention to enhance the capabilities and skills of every officer in the region through mandatory and specialized training.

In his commitment to preserving the region’s peace and order, Wanky has expressed readiness to uphold the best practices established by former PRO-6 chiefs.

The region’s top cop also underscored the importance of a comprehensive and integrated strategy for addressing security concerns, leveraging the talents and resources of various government entities.

“Working together in a coordinated fashion allows PRO6, along with other law enforcement agencies and stakeholders, to make a substantial contribution to public safety and security for the people of Western Visayas,” he stated.