NM Western Visayas celebrates Arts Month with UPV kids

IN CELEBRATION of the National Arts Month, the National Museum Western Visayas engaged in textile-related arts the kids of Balay-Balay Child Minding Center, a Gender and Development Program of the University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV) on Feb. 27, 2019.

Forty-five children, aged 3 to 5 years old, with their parents and guardians, spent an hour in the National Museum Western Visayas where they learned about the history, conservation and restoration of the now 108-year-old Iloilo Prison. They also learned about the Panay textile heritage when they toured the National Museum Western Visayas’ textile gallery in which Habol Panay: The Woven Artistry of Western Visayas is on display. The kids see the many handwoven clothes that they wear in school activities like the patadyong, habol, piña, and seda, and learned how these are produced by seeing an actual tiral or loom and the materials used in weaving.

The kids enjoyed coloring the different patterns of panubok, the embroidery and appliqué of Panay Bukidnon, an indigenous peoples group that inhabits the highlands of Central Panay. The museum developed the art activity to help our young visitors appreciate the exhibition. One way of doing this is in enhancing their creativity and imagination by coloring the same panubok and hablon patterns they see in the gallery. With the guided tour and corollary art activity, the National Museum hopes that the interest among our young visitors was stimulated, enhancing their desire for learning and their skills in social awareness.

The Habol Panay exhibition is the National Museum’s focus on the artistry of Panay weavers as seen in their designs. Through this, the public can appreciate the skills and craftsmanship of the Filipino weavers and develop a sense of pride in the richness of the Filipino heritage. This is parallel to National Arts Month celebration’s which was “Malikhain. Mapagbago. Filipino”. It underscored the creative power of the arts and its role as a catalyst for change, highlighting arts as a reflection of the nation’s soul.

Meanwhile, the National Museum continues to hold training and workshops for teachers, young children, students, persons with special needs, among others, to compliment their formal education. This is part of our aim to turn future generations into museum-goers.

“Aside from showcasing the cultural properties of the Filipino nation through our museums, the National Museum offers opportunities where visitors can learn about our rich cultural diversity and our indomitable characteristics, fulfilling its mandate as an educational and scientific institution,” said Dr. Ana Maria Theresa Labrador, Assistant Director for Museums.

As an example, this March 23-24, 2019, the National Museum Western Visayas is set to conduct a free weaving demonstration of hablon in celebration of the Women’s Month. Mother-and-son weavers from Miagao, Iloilo will demonstrate and teach their skills to the participants, share their experiences as weavers, and try to break the stereotyping of weaving as an exclusive skill for women. Weavers Mary Ann and Kim Carlo Montagot of Indag-an Multi-Purpose Cooperative, and Constancia “Connie” and Franco Atijon of Reyden’s Hablon, will conduct the weaving demonstration.

National Museum Western Visayas is open Tuesday to Sunday, 10AM to 5PM (acceptance of last guests is until 4:30PM only). For group (more than 20 persons) tours, call 033-327-3782 or email at nmiloilo@yahoo.com for reservation.