‘No-take’ policy in war against illegal gambling

The PNP has declared a “no-take” policy in the war against illegal gambling. The order covers Small Town Lottery in the city and province of Iloilo with the suspension of the operations of the erstwhile authorized agent corporations due to unpaid dues to government. (DG file)

By Jennifer P. Rendon

The Philippine National Police (PNP) under its newly-designated chief, General Archie Francisco Gamboa, renewed the war against illegal gambling.

And for the nth time, the PNP leadership declared a “no-take policy on illegal gambling.”

Police Brigadier General Rene Pamuspusan, Police Regional Office (PRO)-6 director, warned of drastic action against any person who will use his name to benefit from illegal gambling operations.

“As your Regional Director, I am setting the example in this no-take policy and if somebody would dare use my name saying that I allowed them to operate or collect for me, arrest all of them or report them immediately,” Pamuspusan said in a press conference Monday.

But when asked if he received reports of individuals using his name, he said there’s none.

He also warned the public that there might be persons who will use the names of his subordinate commanders in illegal activities.

“Please report them to us also,” he said.

Pamuspusan said he also ordered all provincial and city police directors to mount full-scale operations against illegal gambling in their areas and strictly impose the full force of the law.

With all his subordinate commanders behind him, the region’s top cop said they all gave their commitment to follow the “no-take policy” to the letter he and the chief PNP imposed.

And to other PRO-6 personnel, Pamuspusan said “if you will be proven to have violated this policy, you will be charged appropriately and will face the consequences of their actions. As I always emphasize, hindi na kayo mga bata na kailangan pang paalalahanan. As police officers, we must be responsible for our actions.”

Based on the evaluation conducted by the PNP National Headquarters, PRO-6, which is based in Camp Delgado in Iloilo City, was one of the top-performing regions in terms of operational accomplishments.

On illegal gambling, the regional office arrested 355 individuals in 100 operations conducted by different units in January 2020 alone.

While the statistics are satisfying, “we have to deliver more. With this pronouncement, we hope to see improvement in all units’ performance,” he said.



As earlier announced by Camp Crame, Pamuspusan said they will also implement the one-strike policy which will be applied to police unit commanders who fail to curb illegal activities.

Kapag nag-operate ang ibang unit and they failed to report or assist in the operation against illegal gambling, the chief of police would be relieved,” he said.



​To boost the performance of police units, PRO-6 launched its Focused Police Operation dubbed “Birada Semana”.

It emphasizes the campaigns against illegal drugs, illegal gambling, loose firearms, and wanted persons.

From Feb. 1 to 7, 2020, Camp Delgado netted 68 drug suspects in 53 anti-illegal drug operations.

On operations against wanted persons, fifteen most wanted persons and 115 other wanted persons were collared.

On the other hand, 10 operations were conducted in the campaign against loose firearms resulting in the arrest of 10 persons.

On the campaign against illegal gambling, 26 operations were launched which resulted in the arrest of 90 individuals.

Meanwhile, 96 firearms were surrendered in Tokhang Kontra Armas Luthang.

“Our campaign will not be successful without the support of the community and stakeholders,” Pamuspusan said.

He enjoined the public to report all illegal gambling activities through the RD’s Hotline Number (0998-967-3651) posted in all Police Stations region-wide or send reports via its official Facebook Page (Police Regional Office 6).

“I assure you that all the information received will be properly investigated and your identity will remain confidential,” he said.

This move, he added, is to show to the public that the PNP is serious in its fight against all forms of illegal activities.