NU shoots down CPU in UNIGAMES Men’s football

A CPU player (No. 35) prepares for a header. (Leobert Julian A. de la Peña)

By: Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

National University felt at home at the Iloilo Sports Complex’s football pitch as they took down the Central Philippine University Golden Lions, 4-2, in the 2019 UNIGAMES Men’s football event.

With well-orchestrated schemes both defensively and offensively, NU jumped straight ahead with their blazing offense, sending numerous attempts at CPU’s goal post.

CPU’s valiant effort on defense cannot be denied, as they forced a couple of tackles to take control of the possession and get solid attempts of their own.

After a couple of minutes, NU then found their dribbling and passing rhythm and quickly scored three goals all in the first half to CPU’s 1.

In the second half, CPU started to counter with their long crosses feeding their forwards in the corners and forced an attempt a couple of times.

NU then scored another goal off a beautiful boost inside the box.

Three minutes after the NU goal, CPU attempted a goal in the middle and cried for foul but was never given by the referees which would have been a free-kick inside.

Trying to avenge the situation, CPU then turned a defensive possession in a beautiful one-two passing in the left flank which resulted to a CPU goal.

The match ended with all heads up for the Golden Lions as they managed to score two impressive goals against a renowned NU squad.