Odor from septic tank leak downs 26 students

By: Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD City – 26 students of the St. Francis De Assisi school in Vallehermoso, Negros Oriental fell ill on Thursday due to a leaking septic tank.

Dr. Benito Gonzaga, officer-in-charge of the Vallehermoso Municipal Health Office, said that some of the students were brought to the Municipal Health Clinic but were referred to the San Carlos City Hospital.

All patients were placed under observation Thursday night but were released eventually.

Gonzaga said that the students went hysterical after they smelled foul odor and noticed smoke outside the school building.

Some of the students fainted, vomited, and suffered from headaches, prompting teachers and some parents to seek medical assistance.

Gonzaga said blood samples were taken from the patients and their chest were checked before they were released from the clinic.

The doctor also said that some environmentalist immediately proceeded to the school to check for possible presence of haze from Indonesia.

But Gonzaga clarified that there was no haze in the place and that the incident was due to a leak from the septic tank.

(Photo Courtesy of pumper.com)