Ombudsman probes LTO exec for alleged graft

By: Ranie Jangayo

RECENTLY, I had a chance to talk with Mr. Felizardo “Panoynoy” Valdez of Lapuz Norte, Iloilo who filed a graft complaint against Land Transportation Office (LTO)-6 Regional Director Roland Ramos before the Office of the Ombudsman-Visayas in March 2018.

I learned from a source that prior to his assignment to Region 6, Ramos was also assigned in Region 7. Ramos speaks Cebuano.

The case stemmed from the repair and improvement of general services office extension building, toilet and finance records room which, according to the complainant, (Valdez) violated Section 3, of Republic Act 3019 (Anti- Graft and Corrupt Practices Act).

In our not so lengthy conversation, Valdez told this corner about the update of the case. He then furnished us a copy of a letter from the Ombudsman notifying him that after a thorough evaluation of the complaint, an investigation will follow suit.

The two-page letter from the Ombudsman stated that the graft complaint filed by Valdez against Ramos was already docketed as OMB-V-C-19-0123 for the criminal case and OMB-A-19-0150 the for administrative case.

It shall be assigned to an investigation officer who will act thereon accordingly. An investigation will determine whether there is gross inexcusable negligence or evident bad faith.

Valdez is also advised to submit all certified true copies of the original documents to supplement the same.

The letter was sent to Valdez thru Paul Elmer M. Clemente- Deputy Ombudsman for the Visayas and was signed by Sarah Jo A. Vergara, Acting Director-Case Records Evaluation Monitoring and Enforcement Bureau.

And it is marked “Annex” exhibit “A.”

Romeo “Roming” Muega, who was moved from his previous designation by Ramos because of suspicions that he was part of a graft case, commented in Cebuano: “Ayaw gyud paghilak kay daghan man abogado mutabang nimo Dodong (Dodong refers to a Cebuano like Ramos).”



If you will read Valdez’s complaint, it was actually Muega who was approached by director Ramos and was asked to provide the carpenters for the construction. He was also advised to pay the workers and materials with the assurance that he will be reimbursed, Valdez said in his complaint.

Muega is an LTO-6 employee.

Ang pobre nanabunan pa sa gin-utang nga mga materyales sa mando ni Ramos nga wala pa ma reimburse.

Pintas man kaayo ning si Dodong oy.


At first glance, it would seem that project is okay because Ramos made it appear to be so via normal bidding process.

But Valdez claimed that the bidding documents were falsified.

In fact, there was no actual bidding and the alleged winning bidder (3rd Dragon Builders) was only on papers, for purposes of collections, added Valdez.

There’s only a 35-day gap from the notice to proceed to the issuance of the certificate of completion and eventual release the payment for the contractor.

Valdez said that documents relating to the supposed acceptance of project completion were all falsified.

But why did Ramos order the release of P468,336.98 as payment to 3rd Dragon Builders when it did not even lift a hammer in the project?

Kay “Pakyaw” gali ang natabo.

What’s funny is that until now gina-sukot pa si Roming sang gin utang niya nga mga materials sa hardware sa kilala niya nga Insik.

Akig na ang insik, kon indi ni Roming mabayaran ang sobra P200,000 manghilam-os kaso si Roming!


To date, sources said, Ramos is revamping among employees inside LTO-6. But this unlawful move might be the subject of more complaints which is tantamount to gross violations of civil service rules.

Worse, during the LTO 6 flag raising ceremony Ramos deliberately placed some employees in an embarrassing situation by insulting them before their co-employees.

Unsa man kuno ni Dong “Gestapo” style of leadership?


As we ended our conversation, Valdez said that he’s only telling the truth.

Bisan nagakatulog siya kon may mamangkot parte sa kaso ni Ramos, pukawon lang siya kay bisan nagapiyong siya isaysay niya kon ano ang natabo kag kon pila ang kantidad sang kwarta nga involved sa kaso.

He has all the documents pertaining to the costs of the project especially the copy of the bank cheque signed by Ramos.

Here’s a question in Cebuano: “Unsa karon imong masulti Dodong? (What can you say now Boy)”