On the Same Side

Our parents will be the first to tell you that we used to fight. A lot.

Maybe it was because Lawrence was always Batman and Lcid was stuck as Robin when we played videogames.

Maybe Lcid kept eating his noodles really fast and asked Lawrence for some of his.

Maybe we couldn’t agree on who could idolize Kobe because WE COULDN’T POSSIBLY HAVE THE SAME IDOL. Makes sense, right?

Whatever it was, we always found ourselves sent outside our gate spending the night blaming each other for whatever it was that got us at each other’s throats.

As we got older, however, we matured in body and in mind.

That meant we could punch each other harder and in places that hurt more. Our dynamic has always been one of competition and bickering. This bickering led to us having very different pursuits in life.

Lawrence became a seafarer, and traveled the world. He became really good at tinkering with cars, looking at all the details of how things work, and played a lot of basketball and videogames.

Lcid decided to study law, and went to Manila. He delved into public speaking, content creation, and played a lot of basketball and videogames.

We love basketball and videogames.

We’ve gone out into the world to see what it could offer us and it’s brought us back here to our hometown of Iloilo. You’ll soon be reading our take on the Iloilo industries of business, videogames, sports, and everything we think is cool. We’re a dreamer and a pragmatist.

We’re Lawrence and Lcid Fernandez.

We’re still bickering.

We’re still fighting.

Only now we’re on the same side.

We are Double Team.

You’ll hear from us very soon.