On vlogger’s flareup and ‘sexy’ soc-media posts

By Iloilo-Media Citizen Council

Recent incidents in mainstream and social media have once again raised issues of ethics in news coverage and journalism.

On May 9, 2024, in Barangay Mat-y, Miagao, Iloilo, a vlogger representing himself as part of Zarraga News Live became involved in a heated argument with a barangay tanod, or watchman, at the scene of an incident. The vlogger was reportedly upset by the watchman’s failure to provide information.

Here are the facts we can glean from the incident:

– The vlogger claimed to be with the media, a member of Zarraga News Live, which operates out of Facebook.

– The vlogger’s outburst was due to the alleged snobbish or rude attitude of the watchman.

– Neither the vlogger nor his Facebook-based media outlet are members of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas or other active and recognized groups of media workers covering major beats in Iloilo City and province.

While we do not discriminate against anyone or any institution that wants to work and be identified as media under the ambit of press freedom, such liberality is founded on ethical practices and professional conduct.

Unlike other professions, journalism and media are more attuned to self-regulation as a press controlled by outside forces, like the government, can never be free.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital media, vloggers and media workers face unique challenges, particularly in stressful situations.

It is essential for these professionals to maintain a demeanor that is calm and collected, avoiding actions that could spark conflict or friction.

Professionalism in the face of adversity not only upholds personal integrity but also reinforces the credibility of the media entity they represent. This approach is vital in fostering trust and reliability among audiences, ensuring that the content delivered is both responsible and respectful.

As he claims to be a member of the media, the vlogger’s conduct does not exist in a vacuum or is confined to his own universe. It has implications for other news organizations and the Iloilo media community, which are currently facing challenges with trust and credibility. The vlogger could have upheld his claim of being media by acting like one – calm, collected, and professional; not the brash and equally rude person in the viral video he himself took and circulated for engagement purposes.

If the watchman failed to provide information or was dismissive in his responses, the vlogger could have simply walked away and sought other sources, such as the police. The argument with the watchman was totally unnecessary and out of place.

The vlogger also exposed himself to danger as he harangued the watchman in front of his neighbors, who may have reacted violently to the confrontation.

A true media worker is focused on news gathering and reporting, not on tangling with sources and becoming the news when such situations could have been avoided without fanfare and controversy.

Along this line, we also would like to address recent posts by two other news outlets containing sexually suggestive stories or information that tend to objectify or harass women.

These posts by Anilao News Live and K5 FM were written in a way to titillate the senses rather than inform the public of an incident.

Media entities bear a significant responsibility in shaping societal norms and values. They must exercise discernment in their content, particularly on social media platforms where the reach and impact are vast.

Posting lewd materials or sexually suggestive content, especially against women, undermines the principles of respect and dignity. Such content not only degrades the subjects but also negatively influences public perception and perpetuates harmful stereotypes.

Media organizations should prioritize ethical standards, promoting content that is informative, respectful, and uplifting, thus contributing to a more positive and respectful media environment.


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