One-sided policy

By Alex P. Vidal

“It is important for people to be able to read all sides of every question; for a feeling of national unity does not come from one-sided or inadequate information, but from a sense of freedom impartially secured and of opportunity equalized by a just government.”—Jeannette Rankin

WHILE we are “obliged” or being obligated to adhere to the One China policy contained in the Joint Communique of the Philippines and China signed by the late former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. and Premier Zhou Enlai in June 1975, we can’t compel the People’s Republic of China to respect our rights and jurisdiction in the disputed West Philippine Sea and stop them from harassing our vessels.

In fact, our relationship with the People’s Republic of China has been a Punch and Judy show.

But if the People’s Republic of China wants us to explain something about a diplomatic faux pas, we tremble in our boots and immediately correct the “mistake” or “mistakes.”

If this isn’t a one-sided policy, we don’t know what is.

For instance, shortly after President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. made a gaffe when he congratulated newly elected Taiwan President Lai Ching-te, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) was forced to issue a statement “reaffirming” the principles contained in the Joint Communique of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and the Government of the People’s Republic of China signed by President Ferdinand E. Marcos and Premier Zhou Enlai on June 9, 1975.

The Joint Communique states that “the two Governments agree to settle all disputes by peaceful means… without resorting to the use or threat of force.”


The Philippines has accused the People’s Republic of China of parking its navy and coast guard vessels near some artificial island. As a result, Philippine vessels cannot pass through this area.The Philippines called this a floating barrier.

Meanwhile, some of the major bilateral agreements signed between the Philippines and the People’s Republic of China over the years, were as follows: Joint Trade Agreement (1975); Scientific and Technological Cooperation Agreement (1978); Postal Agreement (1978); Air Services

Agreement (1979); Visiting Forces Agreement (1999); Cultural Agreement (1979); Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (1992); Agreement on Agricultural Cooperation (1999); Tax Agreement (1999); and Treaty on Mutual Judicial Assistance on Criminal Matters (2000).

On the eve of the 25th anniversary of their diplomatic relations in May 2000, the Philippines and the People’s Republic of China signed a joint statement defining the framework of bilateral relations in the 21st century.


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(The author, who is now based in New York City, used to be the editor of two daily newspapers in Iloilo.—Ed)