Over 40,000 ePhilIDs issued in Guimaras in 2023

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in the Guimaras Province issued a significant number of ePhilIDs last year, totaling 40,450.

This achievement surpassed the annual distribution target of 29,940, reaching an impressive 135.10 percent of the goal.

Provincial Statistics Officer Nelida B. Losare commended this accomplishment, saying, “Surpassing the annual target of 29,940 ePhilIDs distribution and reaching the 135.10 percent accomplishment is one of the milestones in 2023 we could be proud of.”

The distribution process was divided into two modes. Mode 1 involved 1,547 individuals who secured their ePhilIDs by appointment at the Registration Center (RC) in Jordan, while a remarkable 38,903 Guimarasnons received their ePhilIDs through mode 2, which includes printing and delivery.

Losare detailed the process: “For mode 1, issuance of the ePhilID is by appointment system, in which the registered individual is the one who shall claim his/her ePhilID at the Registration Center (RC), PSA Office in Jordan, and mode 2, where printing and delivery takes place.”

She further elaborated that the PSA Central Office provided the Provincial Statistical Offices with password-protected PDFs of the ePhilIDs for local printing and validation at the Fixed Registration Centers, with a designated team responsible for delivering them to the respective barangays.

The distribution of ePhilIDs was extensive across the province, with Nueva Valencia receiving 11,135, Sibunag obtaining 6,389, Jordan garnering 7,427, Buenavista accumulating 11,007, and San Lorenzo achieving 4,492.

This initiative began on October 3, 2022, aligning with President Ferdinand Jr. Marcos’ directive to print 50 million Philippine Identification (PhilIDs) by the end of 2022, which included 30 million PVC and 20 million paper types, also referred to as printed ePhilIDs.

Losare emphasized the utility of the ePhilID.

“The ePhilID is a printable form of the PhilID that complements the continuing production of Physical PhilID, by which the owner could use it in transacting official business in lieu of their physical PhilID.”

The ePhilID is designed to provide immediate benefits, such as facilitating faster and smoother access to various services requiring identification verification.

“The ePhilIDs have the same functionality and validity as the physical card, and it is free of charge,” she added, assuring recipients that those who claimed their printed ePhilIDs would still receive their physical cards.

For those seeking to obtain a printed ePhilID, Losare advised checking the availability of their transaction number on the provided transaction slip following step 2 registration.

She also outlined an alternative appointment-based mode: “Another mode is by appointment, wherein an applicant may set an appointment using the link appt.philsys.gov.ph to the nearest PhilSys Registration Center (RC) or via walk-in for printing.”

This strategic move by the PSA Guimaras to issue ePhilIDs is a significant step in bolstering the national identification system’s reach and providing residents with a more accessible form of identification.