Packworks, Kindred & Taxumo win top prize at Inaugural KMC Startup Awards

KMC Solutions, a leading provider of flexible office space solutions, celebrated the excellence in innovation and entrepreneurial brilliance of the Philippines’ startup ecosystem as it recognized innovative entrepreneurs and groundbreaking startups at the inaugural KMC Startup Awards.

The KMC Startup Awards provides a platform to inspire innovation and recognize outstanding startups and visionary entrepreneurs reshaping the business and technology landscapes in the Philippines. It is co-presented by Bossjob, in collaboration with Philippine Startup Week, QBO Innovation Hub, Kaya Founders, the Sinigang Valley Association, and Uniquecorn Strategies, and in partnership with 917Ventures and Amazon Web Services. Meanwhile, esteemed media outlets BusinessWorld, Rappler, The Business Manual, The Manila Times, and served as the event’s media partners.

Over 200 submissions were received for consideration, and from these, only 30 entries have been shortlisted to be named as gold, silver, and bronze winners across 10 categories, including the top prize, the Startup of the Year award.

The first-ever KMC Startup Awards proudly recognized its gold winners in a prestigious ceremony. Packworks was honored with the Startup of the Year award, while Patrick Gentry, Co-founder and CEO of Sprout Solutions, received the Emerging Leader of the Year award, co-presented by Bossjob. PetPal was awarded for Outstanding Marketing Campaign, GoTyme Bank was celebrated for the Tech Innovator Award, and Sprout Solutions again took the stage for the Customer Excellence Award. Smile API received the accolade for the Most Innovative Startup Award, Eduksine was recognized for the Outstanding Brand Development Award, Power 4 All, Inc. stood out in the category of Innovation in Design, Cubo Modular was lauded for its Sustainable Business Practice Award, and finally, Sakahon was commended for the Social Impact Award.

The silver winners are Kindred (Startup of the Year), Kindred Co-founder and CEO Jessica de Mesa (Emerging Leader of the Year), Packworks (Outstanding Marketing Campaign), Sprout Solutions (Tech Innovator Award), Growsari (Customer Excellence Award), Cubo Modular (Most Innovative Startup Award), Life by Petto, Inc. (Outstanding Brand Development Award), Eduksine (Innovation in Design), Mober Technology, Inc. (Sustainable Business Practice Award), and Unawa (Social Impact Award).

Meanwhile, the bronze winners are Taxumo (Startup of the Year), Unawa CEO Reggie Jacinto-Barrientos (Emerging Leader of the Year), Unawa (Outstanding Marketing Campaign), Nudgyt (Tech Innovator Award), GoTyme Bank (Customer Excellence Award), Nudgyt (Most Innovative Startup Award), Collo (Outstanding Brand Development Award), Usher Technologies, Inc. (Innovation in Design), Bambuhay (Sustainable Business Practice Award), and Growsari (Social Impact Award).

Michael McCullough, CEO of KMC Solutions, sends his congratulations to the winning startups this year, “We believe that the KMC Startup Awards will be a cornerstone in celebrating and empowering the Filipino entrepreneurial spirit for many years to come. To all the winners and participants, your passion, creativity, and resilience are not just the foundation of your success but the driving force that will continue to propel the Philippine startup community forward.”

KMC Solutions, a pioneer in offering flexible and affordable office solutions, has been a steadfast supporter of the Philippine startup community. Their commitment to nurturing startups and fostering growth through innovative facilities and events has been unwavering. The launch of the KMC Startup Awards is a testament to their dedication to strengthening the startup ecosystem in the Philippines.

The awards offer emerging businesses a unique opportunity to gain exposure, credibility, and access to valuable business development opportunities. Winning an award sets businesses apart in a competitive market, positioning them as industry-recognized workplaces of choice and attracting top talent and potential investors.

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