Paved roads boost tourism, agriculture development in southern Negros Occidental

Improved road in Brgy. Nauhang in Sipalay City, and Brgy. Pook in Hinobaan, will help boost tourism, agriculture development in southern Negros Occidental. (Photos courtesy of DPWH-Negros Occidental 3rd DEO)

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in the Philippines has recently completed essential road improvements in southern Negros Occidental, heralding a new era of growth for both tourism and agriculture in the region.

The improved roadways in Barangay Nauhang in Sipalay City and Barangay Pook in Hinobaan town are seen as key developments that will ensure faster mobility for people, goods, and services, contributing significantly to the local economy.

Regional Director Sanny Boy O. Oropel of the DPWH Negros Occidental 3rd District Engineering Office expressed that the ₱45-million project in Barangay Nauhang encompasses the construction of a 1.74-lineal kilometer concrete road.

“This road leads to pristine beaches of Sugar and Langub beach resorts, providing convenient access to the so-called ‘Jewel of the Sugar Island’, opening more discoveries of new views and landscapes, and scaling up the capacity of the existing attractions in the barangay,” said RD Oropel.

Highlighting the impact on tourism, Oropel said, “This will further offer better access to domestic and foreign tourists, which is beneficial to local business, thus enhancing tourism development in the area.”

The improvements include grouted riprap and stone masonry, installation of reflectorized thermoplastic pavement markings, and solar LED lights, all designed to make travel safer and more enjoyable.

The upgrades are not just for the pleasure of tourists; they also stand to significantly improve the quality of life for residents.

Oropel elaborated on this, saying, “The road will contribute to the welfare and quality of life of the residents by providing better transportation connectivity, faster mobility of goods and services, and easier transports of products from farms to the market.”

On the agricultural front, District Engineer Rodney A. Gustilo spoke on the ₱12-million farm-to-market road in Barangay Pook in Hinobaan, implemented in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture (DA).

This project includes the construction of a 575-lineal meter, 2-lane concrete road.

“This improved road will enhance productivity and open more economic opportunities among the farmers and local community,” Gustilo said.

He further commented on the broader societal benefits: “It will ensure integration and involvement of the residents to government services such as health, education, and employment; and provide convenient and more accessible transportation.”

Local farmers stand to gain with the new infrastructure in place.

“This will likewise help rice producers and crop growers in the faster, safer and cost-efficient delivery of products from farms to bigger markets in the town proper and nearby cities and municipalities,” Gustilo added.

The significance of these improvements cannot be overstated.

As DE Gustilo put it, “The paved road is an essential infrastructure that will empower local farmers to thrive in a competitive agricultural landscape, which is vital in further promoting economic development in the area.”

The development of local roads is a crucial step in the advancement of the countryside and the attainment of economic growth. By connecting agricultural areas to markets, producers can transport their goods to traders and consumers with ease.

The DPWH’s commitment to enhancing road infrastructure is a testament to the government’s drive to stimulate the local economy and empower rural communities in Negros Occidental. (DPWH)