Paved roads ease mobility to remote communities in southern Negros Occidental

Mobility to far-flung communities in southern Negros Occidental is now easier and more accessible with the improved roads delivered by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

DPWH, Negros Occidental 3rd District Engineering Office completed the paving of local roads in Sipalay City which also leads to potential tourist destinations in the area, and in Ilog town for better mobility of people and faster delivery of goods and services.

The road construction in Crossing Manaolan in Barangay IV, Sipalay City in the amount of ₱9.9 million, involves concrete paving of 649-lineal meter long, 5-meter wide Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (PCCP) with grouted riprap and solar LED streetlights.

Another ₱9.9 million was poured by the District for concrete paving of a local road in Barangay Calubang in Ilog town, which involves road improvement from gravel to PCCP of the 855-lineal meter long, 5-meter wide road with grouted riprap and slope protection.

Citing from the report of District Engineer Rodney A. Gustilo, OIC-Regional Director Sanny Boy O. Oropel said concreting these local roads offers convenience and ease among the people in remote areas, and helps improve local economic and tourism development.

“The concrete road that leads to potential tourist sites in Barangay IV in Sipalay City opens opportunities for local tourism that would create an income-generating livelihood for the people in the locality,” Oropel said.

“Upgrading this road will likewise ensure the safety of local road users and tourists such as reasonably-priced resorts and laid-back gem-like beach in Crossing Manaolan. Enhanced navigation especially at night is also guaranteed with the provision of solar LED streetlights, improving visibility among motorists and pedestrians,” Oropel added.

Furthermore, RD Oropel said that the completion of this road concreting project will provide opportunities for business establishments, as well as convenient access to schools, hospitals, and other government and private offices.

Meantime, District Engineer Rodney A. Gustilo said that the paved road in the town of Ilog leads to various rice and sugarcane plantations and other agricultural lands, providing easy transport of products from farms to the market.

“This road in Purok Rizal in Barangay Calubang traverses various residential houses and portions of rice and sugarcane plantations. This will facilitate convenient mobility of people going to the town proper to avail basic government services,” DE Gudtilo said.

“This will also ensure faster, easier and cost-efficient transport of agricultural products like rice and sugarcane from plantations to milling stations, local markets and neighboring commercial and trade areas,” Gustilo added. (DPWH-6)