‘PB majority bloc won’t be an obstructionist’

BOARD Member Domingo Oso

By: Gerome Dalipe

THE majority bloc in the Iloilo Provincial Board will not deliberately delay, or prevent the implementation of the development programs for the executive body.

But the executive branch should ensure that any request for development funds should be specific and identifiable, said Majority Floor leader Domingo Oso, Jr.

Oso, who is being eyed as chairman of the Provincial Board’s committee on appropriations, said the Commission on Audit (COA) has directed the Provincial Government to be “specific” on its request for development funds.

He recalled the approval of the Province’s 2019 budget of P3.64 billion was even delayed since some items in the annual budget were not specified.

During their inaugural session on Tuesday, Oso appealed to the province’s chief executive to equally distribute development funds to the five Iloilo districts.

“It should not be selective, but rather projects should be properly allocated to five districts equitably, if possible,” said Oso.

In his speech, Oso stressed the executive and legislative branches need to collaborate to function effectively.

But “critical collaboration” is necessary to ensure the independence of the legislative from the executive, said Oso.

Likewise, Oso reminded his colleagues that the principle of check and balance should be maintained.

Oso, in an interview, said that he wants to avoid the practice in the past that opposition provincial legislators were given less allocation for their districts.

Apart from the appropriations committee, Oso said he will likely head the committees on rules and transportation.

“The committee chairmanships will be deliberated in the plenary during the regular session, although these (committee chairmanships) were approved in principle during our caucus,” said Oso.