PCA chief eyes roadmap to boost coconut industry

(Photo from www.pna.gov.ph)

PHILIPPINE Coconut Authority (PCA) Administrator Gonzalo Duque on Tuesday launched a strategy program aimed at crafting a comprehensive coconut industry roadmap in the country.

Duque introduced the so-called ‘TEAM’ (Training, Empowerment, Action centers for government services and Markets) efforts, which seek to serve as the guiding post in the agency’s intensified bid to develop the Philippine coconut industry.

Speaking before hundreds of local and international delegates during the 2nd World Coconut Congress at SMX Convention Center, the PCA chief noted that they will be guided by TEAM efforts as they prepare a comprehensive coconut industry roadmap that shall track and cover all the policies, plans and programs necessary to protect and develop the industry.

“PCA shall provide production technologies to provide coconut farmers and the industry the capacity to respond to the constantly changing climate on product and by product development of the market. In addition, continuous research and development activities will be undertaken in order to maximize opportunities that can still be created for the coconut industry,” he said.

He added that the PCA will strive to increase the rate of planting and replanting in strategic areas, particularly the development of the Northern provinces’ shorelines into coconut hubs.

Meanwhile, Duque lauded the United Coconut Associations of the Philippines for organizing this year’s World Coconut Congress, in line with the 33rd National Coconut Week Celebration.

The 2019 World Coconut Congress, which runs August 27-29, boasts of an exhibit participated in by over 100 local and foreign suppliers, and a three-day conference that gathers 400 delegates from all over the region to learn from local and international panel of experts.

“I am indeed happy because this conference is a very important activity for the stakeholders to showcase the versatility of coconut, discuss the progress made, as well as address and remedy the issues affecting our coconut industry,” he said.

“Only with understanding, utmost cooperation and strong unity can we truly elevate the status of our coconut industry. Let us all nurture this spirit to further the growth worldwide of the coconut industry,” he added.” (PCA)