PCCI-Iloilo’s Fresh Finds Market: A Fusion of Local Creativity

By Mariela Angella Oladive

The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI)-Iloilo kicked off this year’s Fresh Finds Market on December 20 at Festive Walk Parade, aiming to bridge the gap between local producers, consumers, and suppliers.

Fulbert Woo, president of PCCI-Iloilo expressed the significance of the Fresh Finds Market as a means to connect local entrepreneurs, especially farmers, with larger business owners.

“Fresh Finds Market is our way of bridging our local entrepreneurs, especially our farmers, to bigger business owners. Through this project, we hope to elevate the local economy and bring Ilonggo products to the global market,” he stated.

Now in its second year, the fair, which debuted last year, has evolved to be ‘bigger and better,’ featuring 27 stalls showcasing a diverse array of local food and non-food items.

Notably, the event includes the delightful addition of pets on display, available for free petting.

Nat Lim, head of the organizing committee, underscored that beyond financial gains, the primary goal of Fresh Finds is community involvement, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all attendees, and increasing foot traffic.

“We hope we can get more than a few thousands in four days at the fair,” Lim said.

With a specific focus on supporting Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), PCCI-Iloilo draws inspiration through inclusivity, promoting the growth and learning of MSMEs as they stand side by side with more prominent companies at the event’s booths.

Lim elaborated on the thoughtful arrangement of stalls, where MSMEs are strategically placed alongside larger companies.

The organizers aspire for Fresh Finds to be a distinctive experience, emphasizing the discovery of fresh, new items that reflect the creativity and innovation of local artisans.

In addition to the vibrant display of local flavors and crafts, the fair will be infused with local talent, featuring the performances of DJs and choirs from 8 PM to 12 MN, each representing a different decade every night.

The four-day Fresh Finds Market will run until December 23, concluding with the awarding of the Iloilo City Government’s Parol-Making Contest.

PCCI is a non-stock, non-profit, and non-governmental business organization, composed of small, medium, and large enterprises, along with local chambers and industry associations, representing diverse business sectors.

This collective body collaborates across diverse business sectors with the common goal of fostering a healthier Philippine economy and improving the viability of business in the community.