PCG inaugurates course at U.S.-funded training facility

Ambassador Kim and Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Commodore Badajos inspect equipment.

MANILA – In recognition of the extensive U. S. partnership with the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), U.S. Ambassador Sung Kim visited the Balagtas Training Center to observe the first technical course conducted there on outboard motor maintenance on Oct 30.

Commodore Joseph Badajos, Commander of PCG’s Surface Support Force, hosted the visit to the future home of PCG’s technical workforce development.

The U.S. is assisting PCG with developing the Balagtas Training Center in several phases.

The first phase – Outboard Motor Center of Excellence –included a classroom, engine maintenance laboratory, and barracks.  U.S. Coast Guard teams are conducting a series of training events that will prepare PCG instructor candidates to lead future maintenance courses.

Ambassador Kim poses with Commodore Badajos and PCG staff.

Ambassador Kim and Commodore Badajos also discussed the next phase of the project, which will include a much larger, 16-classroom U.S.-funded structure that will enable PCG to simultaneously train up to 200 personnel on a variety of technical specialties related to maritime engineering and seamanship.

Scheduled for completion in early 2021, this enhanced training capacity will help maintain the operational readiness of PCG’s expanding fleet to conduct maritime law enforcement operations.