PEMC awards the country’s top electricity market compliance officers amid challenges

Compliance was the main talking point when the Philippine Electricity Market Corporation (PEMC), the governance arm of the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM), recently held the WESM Compliance Officers Conferment and Annual Compliance Awards (WCACA) event at the Wack Wack Golf and Country Club.

The WCACA is PEMC’s culminating event to honor the trading participants’ exemplary performance in market compliance from all over the country. In the previous years, the compliance awards were a part of the WCO Summit’s whole day program.

However, to coincide with the celebration of PEMC’s 20th Anniversary in November, management decided it was time that Market Compliance be celebrated and recognized in a separate but intimate event.

Over a hundred WESM Compliance Officers (WCOs) and WESM Enforcement Officers (WEOs) attended the event. All received honors either as Certified WCOs for completing the required hours of training for PEMC’s WCO Certification Program or as awardees of the Annual Compliance Awards.

PEMC President Elvin Hayes E. Nidea opened the afternoon with a message of encouragement to all attendees and expressed his support towards the efforts given by the participants in maintaining a high standard of compliance all year round.

“We want to assure our participants that we will continue to work closely with you towards knowing more what is expected from our WESM members and diligently provide timely information about compliance matters,” President Nidea said.

The Keynote Speech was delivered by Department of Energy (DOE) Assistant Secretary Mario C. Marasigan as he expressed how the DOE has been the main partner of PEMC in making sure the electricity market provides competitive prices and fair business practices are consistently followed.

“We hope that this event will act as positive reinforcement in maintaining the high standards of compliance and adhering to the values set forth consistently all throughout,” said Asec. Marasigan.

The Annual Compliance Awards was divided into three (3) categories. The first set of awards was for the Metering Services Provider (MSP) Top Performers for those who have maintained passing ratings across all criteria (Daily Meter Data Delivery, Timeliness and Percentage Resolution to the Daily Meter Trouble Report, Integrity of Meter Data, Timeliness of Monthly Meter Data Delivery, and Timeliness and Percentage Resolution to the Monthly Meter Trouble Report) from January to December 2022.

MSP Performance Rating Awardees

Rank Company Name
1st Nueva Ecija I Electric Cooperative, Inc.
2nd Pampanga I Electric Cooperative, Inc.
3rd Batangas I Electric Cooperative, Inc.
4th Cagayan I Electric Cooperative, Inc.
5th Cabanatuan Electric Corporation
6th Aklan Electric Cooperative, Inc.
7th Pangasinan III Electric Cooperative, Inc.
8th Leyte V Electric Cooperative, Inc.
9th Balamban Enerzone Corporation
10th Batangas II Electric Cooperative, Inc.


The second set of awards marks the first time that the exemplary efforts of the new Mindanao Trading Participants were recognized for their compliance with the Market Rules and Manuals from February to July 2023 after the WESM was launched on the island in January this year. The criteria for the determination of the Special Recognition for the Mindanao Trading Participants are similar to that of the Generator category – Offered Capacity Compliance and Dispatch Conformance Standards Rating, Availability, and other forms of Compliances, such as timeliness of submission in the Compliance Post-Evaluation Monitoring System (CPEMS) as well as the Annual Compliance Report, the Designation of WCOs, and attendance to trainings and seminars initiated by the Enforcement and Compliance Office.

Special Recognition Awardees

Must Dispatch Generation Units

WESM Generator Classification Rank Company Name Facility Name
Run-of-River Hydro 1st Hedcor Bukidnon, Inc. Manolo Fortich 1 & 2 Hydroelectric Power Plantx


Hedcor Sibulan, Inc. Sibulan A, Sibulan B, and Tudaya 1 Hydroelectric Power Plants


Mindanao Energy Systems Cabulig Mini-Hydroelectric Power Plant
Solar 1st Asian Greenenergy Corp. Kibawe Solar Power Plant


Scheduled Generating Units

WESM Generator Classification Rank Company Name Facility Name
Coal 1st Therma South, Inc. TSI Coal-Fired Power Plant Units 1 & 2
2nd Sarangani Energy Corporation Phase 2 Coal-Fired Power Plant
3rd Sarangani Energy Corporation Phase 1 Coal-Fired Power Plant
Geothermal 1st Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corporation Mindanao II Geothermal Power Plant






1st Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corporation Agus V Hydroelectric Power Plant
2nd Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corporation Pulangi IV Hydroelectric Power Plant
3rd Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corporation Agus VI Hydroelectric Power Plant
Oil-Based 1st Mapalad Partners, Inc. Digos Modular Diesel Power Plant
2nd Mapalad Energy Generation Corporation Mapalad Diesel Power Plant
3rd King Energy Generation Inc. – Maramag Bukidnon Bunker C-Fired Diesel Power Plant 2
4th Supreme Power Corporation Koronadal Bunker C-Fired Diesel Power
5th King Energy Generation Inc. – Tandag Surigao Del Sur Power Plant


The third set of awards recognized the Generator Market Participants’ commitment to fulfilling their obligations in offering their maximum available capacity and their compliance to their real-time schedule instructions. This covered the period January to December 2022 and is based on WESM generator classification (biomass, coal-fired, geothermal, hydroelectric, natural gas, and oil-based).

Generator Compliance Rating Awardees

Must Dispatch Generating Units

WESM Generator Classification Rank Company Name Facility Name
Run-of-River Hydro 1st


Northern Renewables Generation Corporation Bakun Hydro Electric Power Plant


Hedcor Sabangan, Inc. Sabangan Hydroelectric Power Plant


Sunwest Water and Electric Company 2, Inc. Villasiga Hydroelectric Power Plant
Solar 1st Terasu Energy Inc. Sta. Rosa Solar Power Plant
2nd GIGASOL3, Inc. Palauig Solar Power Plant
3rd Sulu Electric Power and Light (Phils.), Inc. Sepalco Castilla Solar Power Plant
Wind 1st Guimaras Wind Corporation San Lorenzo Wind Farm Project
2nd North Luzon Renewable Energy Corporation Caparispisan Wind Power Plant
3rd North Wind Power Development Corporation Phase I, II and III Bangui Bay Wind Power Plant


Scheduled Generating Units

WESM Generator Classification Rank Company Name Facility Name
Biomass 1st Pangea Green Energy Philippines, Inc. PGEP Payatas Biogas Plant
2nd Montalban Methane Power Corp. MMPC Biomass Power Plant
3rd Isabela Biomass Energy Corporation IBEC Biomass Power Plant
Coal 1st Pagbilao Energy Corporation Pagbilao 3 Power Plant
2nd Sual Power Inc. Sual Coal-Fired Power Plant
3rd Cebu Energy Development Corporation CEDC Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant
Geothermal 1st Green Core Geothermal Inc. Tongonan Geothermal Power Plant
2nd Energy Development Corporation Nasulo Geothermal Power Plant
3rd Bac-Man Geothermal Inc. Bacman Geothermal Power Plant
Hydro 1st SN Aboitiz Power – Benguet, Inc. Binga Hydroelectric Power Plant
2nd SN Aboitiz Power – Benguet, Inc. Ambuklao Hydroelectric Power Plant
3rd Angat Hydropower Corporation Angat Hydroelectric Power Plant
Natural Gas 1st FGP Corporation San Lorenzo Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant
2nd First Gas Power Corporation Sta. Rita Natural Gas Power Plant
3rd Prime Meridian PowerGen Corporation San Gabriel Avion Natural Gas-Fired Power Plant
Oil-Based 1st SPC Island Power Corporation Panay Diesel Power Plant 1
2nd SPC Island Power Corporation Panay Diesel Power Plant 3
3rd SPC Power Corporation Power Barge 104


Non-Scheduled Generating Units

WESM Generator Classification Rank Company Name Facility Name
Hydro 1st SN Aboitiz Power – Magat, Inc. Maris Canal Hydroelectric Power Plant
Hydro 2nd Amlan Hydroelectric Power Corporation Amlan Hydro Electric Power Plant
Biomass 3rd Asian Carbon Neutral Power Corp. ACNPC Tarlac Biomass Plant


The awarding ceremonies ended with Dr. Peter L. U, Chairman of the WESM Compliance Committee, giving praise to the ECO of the company for their tireless effort in making sure a very important milestone was achieved. “We are also very proud to share ECO’s and the Compliance Committee’s role in the Zero Backlog Project, which ensured the speedy but equitable resolution of the pending cases for investigation,” Dr. U said in his speech.

Amid implementing austerity measures, the WCO Summit was cancelled due to budget constraints. But PEMC Management, supported by its Board of Directors, refused to let the year end without recognizing the trading participants’ exemplary achievements in market compliance this past year.

Compliance Committee Member, Atty. Alejandre C. Dueñas II, emphasized PEMC’s commitment during his Toast, “Though challenges are inevitable, we look forward to another exciting year of market compliance. PEMC will continue to work hand in hand with our Market Participants and will be as transparent as we’ve always been in what is expected in terms of compliance.”