PH Football Federation holds 1st ever e-Football tournament

Ilonggo football leader Mariano Nonong Araneta and the PFF will bring in its first-ever online football tourney. (

By Leobert Julian A. de la Peña


The Philippine Football Federation {PFF} will be launching its first-ever online football tournament, the PFF e Trophy.

Top e-Football participants will be grinding it out in a two-group FIFA 21 knockout stage who will later on represent the Sibol Pilipinas in the upcoming global and Southeast Asian e-Football competitions.

“We thank FIFA for including efootball in its platform which will allow us not only to host esports competitions but also to send our players to international competitions,” said the Ilonggo PFF president Nonong Araneta.

The PFF planned two group stages where eight e-Football players will be divided and will play in a single round-robin format.

After the top two players from each group are determined, both will then edge it out in a crossover knockout stage and will be played in the course of two legs.

Those who will emerge victorious in the semifinal stage will then compete for the tournament grand finals where the champion and the finalist will banner the country in the FIFA E-Nations Series 2021 later this month.

“We see efootball as one of the new and innovative ways to promote football to the general public, particularly to the youth. We invite all aspiring efootball players to join and compete in the PFF eTrophy,” added Araneta.