PH stuns Thailand to clinch 2019 SEAG Dota 2 title

The magic five! The Dota 2 PH squad that nabbed gold in SEAG E-sports (Gelo Gonzales/Rappler)

By: Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

After a come from behind moment to take the 2019 Southeast Asian Games Mobile Legends championship trophy, the PH Dota 2 squad had a comeback win of their own.

After a masterful display of Dota during game five, the PH squad pulled a comeback win after trailing Thailand 19 kills to.

Clinching the title and breaking the heart of the Thais, the PH team put out extreme strategies that led them to a 3-2 win against their opponent including the grueling final game of the series.

Enjoying their huge advantage in the kills and net worth, the Thai team looked to grab the SEAG Dota 2 title with no sweat.

The combination of the Tuskar kick and the Centaur stomp wreaked havoc on the PH side every time the Thais popped the smoke of deceit for a pick-off.

As the Thais looked to force the issue by pushing lanes and a tower down, PH patiently waited for the perfect timing for an Enigma black hole to try and counter-initiate and it worked, delaying the match.

PH forced a turn around after Vargas’ Phantom Lancer obtained full-slot strength, going in for a tanky build of Heart, Skadi, and Butterfly, PL looked to be invincible during the team fights as he also had the manta style for dispelling.

The Thais got no answer for PH’s PL and Enigma, going in for the throne after two of Thailand’s heroes failed to buyback.