Phil. Army puts up patrol base  detachment in Tubungan Village

301st Infantry Brigade Photo

By Jennifer P. Rendon 

Another Philippine Army patrol base detachment was established in a hinterland village in Tubungan, Iloilo.

The Igtuble Patrol Base Detachment was conceptualized following the signing of a memorandum of agreement between the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Municipality of Tubungan for the donation of a 600-square-meter lot.

The MOA signing between the Tubungan municipal government represented by Mayor Roquito Tacsagon and the AFP represented by Brigadier General Marion Sison, 301st Infantry Brigade commander was held at the Community Learning Center in Tubungan on September 14.

It was signed in the presence of Director Livino Duran of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR); Colonel Adrian Acollador of the Iloilo Police Provincial Office (IPPO); Lieutenant Colonel Harold Garcia of the 61st Infantry Battalion; Vice Mayor Leo Taypen; Barangay Captain Lucas Taghay of Igtuble; Barangay Captain Eduardo Paneza of Igpaho; community leader Recto Taghap; and lot owner Mrs. Florentina Fadrogane.

Sison said that the creation of an additional patrol base in Tubungan came to light following the conduct of the Community Support Program (CSP).

CSP is a people-centered program that aims to bring peace and development to conflict-affected barangays. It is an initiative of state forces to bring the government closer to the people through an immediate delivery of basic services, especially to grassroots communities.

The patrol base detachment in Igtuble will be situated in the forest reserves of said village.

It is seen to strengthen the Army’s preemption of the Communist Terrorist Groups’ (CTGs)’ recovery efforts and help bring increased peace, security, development and stability in communities once affected by the armed conflict.

Sison said that the MOA signing is a manifestation that the goal of inclusivity in combating the decades-long insurgency in the country is achieved.

The creation of Executive Order No. 70 institutionalizing the Whole of Nation Approach to end local communist armed conflict highlighted the significant participation of Local Government Units like the Municipality of Tubungan to help the military and other national and local agencies in addressing the root causes of insurgency, he added.

“With continued support from LGUs and the people, we are on track in attaining inclusive and sustainable peace,” Sison said.

Meanwhile, Tacsagon has cited the Philippine Army for its untiring pursuit of weakening the armed struggle.

He added that the Army, through its Community Support Programs, has been efficient in addressing existing social issues in their municipality.