PhilHealth 6 is Best NSM Agency Grand Slam Winner

Beaming with pride and joy are PhilHealth-6 NSM members together with (from left) PSA-OIC Marlene Alviar; PhilHealth-6 NSM Committee Members Lester Segovia, Dr. Bernadette Reynes, Mr. Garry Zabala, Ms. Herlyn Eayte, Ms. Cheery Joy G. Mayormente; Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas OIC Doreen Santerva and NSM 2019 Chief Judge Johnny Pornel.

The Philippine Health Insurance Corp (PhilHealth-6) is a three-time winner for the Best National Statistics Month (NSM) Agency, besting  51 other government agencies in the region in the Search for the Best 30th NSM Agency.

Themed “Data Innovation: Key for a Better Nation the NSM celebration spearheaded by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), the country’s policy and coordinating body on statistical matter enjoined all government agencies to participate in various statistical activities.

Seeing the need to promote and instill nation-wide awareness and appreciation on the value and importance of statistics, PhilHealth 6 translated its members on membership population, claims availment and engaged health care facilities into meaningful statistical exhibits and presentation for the public.

“Today’s numbers play an instrumental role in determining our future because these numbers can also dictate PhilHealth’s policy and decision-making,” PhilHealth 6 NSM Committee-Team Leader Garry Zabala.

In Western Visayas, as of September 2019, PhilHealth 6 has covered 82.35% of the entire population; has the highest paid claim for the Indigent Member category comprising of about 123,700 claims, followed by the Informal Economy or those employed with 92,331 paid claims. PhilHealth 6 has also 100% accreditation for health care facilities.

Aside from winning the Best 30th NSM  Agency, PhilHealth 6 also bagged 1st Place in the Search for Best Statistical Bulletin Boards Contest. (PRO-6/Public Affairs Unit/L. G. Lira)