Philippines for sale

By Reni M. Valenzuela

The continuing, successive good news about foreign governments pledging billions of dollars in investments for their local firms to do business in the country, all unconnected with the current move of amending the basic, fundamental laws of the land, are good (equally) enough arguments to belie and negate the overture that clamors the lifting or deleting of the so-called “restrictive” economic provisions from our present Constitution.

For example: The very recent $5 billion investment pledge packages from German and US companies, not to mention the previous ones from the same countries, and those from Japan, Australia, Canada, Europe, etcetera.  And what about the $14.14 billion investment pledges of the Arabs as a result of President Marcos Jr.’s visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? And many others, just as many more foreign countries BBM is scheduled to visit in the future.

The government brags about the fruits of the President’s serial state/official foreign trips, yet, oddly, the same government via our legislators in the Lower House doggedly insists on amending our Constitution — allegedly to “attract” foreign investors — or covertly to change our form of government and thereby prolong their stay in office and/or achieve their political ambitions — in connection as well to Congress plan of increasing the pork barrel funds (for their pockets) by several billions of pesos.

Furthermore, I cannot imagine if the said “restrictive” constitutional provisions were taken out, given the persisting aggressive, invasive acts of China in the disputed sea, the “Chinese investors” would most certainly waste no time to be first to come in the guise of bringing business to the country (like POGO), in cahoots with big bear authorities. Worse, in relation with their intent to grab our maritime territories fully, and with finality. Wily. Ominous. Foreboding.

Shall we allow the bugbears in Congress to carry on having their united/unified efforts to sell and deliver the motherland to foreigners, on a silver platter?

Dopey. Fatuous.