PM stands with lady senator against vilification by Quiboloy camp

Partido Manggagawa said it stands with Senator Risa Hontiveros against the malicious attacks orchestrated by the Quiboloy camp, as the Committee on Women and Children resumed its public hearing yesterday on the latter’s alleged criminal offenses.

The group asserts that the arrest of Quiboloy is a fitting commemoration of women’s month. Tomorrow, women members of Partido Manggagawa are joining two mass actions; at the Senate in the morning and at Mehan Garden in the afternoon.

Senator Risa hoped that the man at the center of the controversy finally submits under the jurisdiction of the Senate for investigation, in aid of legislation.

Quiboloy failed to show up again, prompting the committee to finally issue a warrant of arrest against the self-appointed son of god.

But in a bid to defend himself in absentia, Quiboloy sent his followers to the Senate yesterday to demand Senator Risa’s resignation instead. His followers claim to seek justice for what they perceive as unjust treatment of their leader by both the US and Philippine governments.

Yet, Quiboloy himself conveniently avoids facing the same demands for justice within his own kingdom. In retaliation, he stoops to vilifying the individual who dares to subject him to public scrutiny.

Here he crossed the line long held and defended by the women’s movement, PM asserted.

“Targeting a champion of women’s and children’s rights like Senator Risa Hontiveros is an affront to all women. It is deeply concerning to witness a cult leader, who shirks accountability for his crimes by hiding in the shadows, manipulating his female followers to shield him from scrutiny, and tarnishing the reputation of a prominent female leader. This behavior exposes him for what he truly is: an incorrigible male supremacist,” the group said.

Senator Risa may stand as the lone woman in the Senate on this contentious issue of justice, but she stands fortified by the unwavering support from grassroots women across the nation. United in solidarity, this battle is already won, with or without Quiboloy human body landing in jail.