Police investigate MNLF activity in Negros Occidental

Photo Courtesy of K5 News Fm Cadiz

By Glazyl Y. Masculino

BACOLOD CITY – Officers are confirming reports concerning the Moro National Liberation Front’s (MNLF) supposed activity in Cadiz City, Negros Occidental.

Lieutenant Colonel John Joel Batusbatusan, the city’s police chief, relayed that a tip from an engaged citizen pointed to individuals donning old U.S. fatigue military uniforms in Barangay Tinampa-an.

Following up, Batusbatusan disclosed that these individuals had set up on a bank-owned plot in a residential area without the landowner’s consent.

Through their inquiries, it was determined that these individuals have been residing on the property since May 2023. They were initially introduced to the site by a local who falsely claimed her grandmother owned the land, which was actually pawned to the bank long before.

Despite some residents expressing unease, Batusbatusan observed that the region remains tranquil and orderly.

He recounted that these people were previously driven from Barangay VF Gustilo and Barangay Bonifacio due to petitions and have been recently spotted in Barangay Tinampa-an.

Mayor Salvador Escalante has expressed his confidence in the local police and military to accurately assess the situation. He assured the public of the city administration’s full backing for any future actions the authorities might undertake regarding this issue.

Escalante urged the community to stay calm, reinforcing the city’s prevailing peace.

In response to the mayor’s directive, Batusbatusan mentioned that biographical profiling for 17 individuals is underway as part of their standard operational process.

These individuals, hailing from different parts of the province, have been cooperative with law enforcement, he added.

Further, they will proceed with a thorough background check as a measure of due diligence.

Currently, the individuals have been given a fortnight to vacate the premises due to the illegality of their occupancy.

Batusbatusan also highlighted the planned reinforcement of police presence to maintain public order.

Addressing rumors of recruitment involving fees, Batusbatusan clarified that no such reports have reached their office.