Prayers, Passion, and Poise

By Lcid Crescent Fernandez

“I never imagined or expected to be in this position.”

These were the first words that Dr. Janine Dalisay said when she described the feeling of receiving the honor of graduating as the top student in CPU Medical School. Her story is one of quiet grinding, fighting through her anxiety, and introverted nature.

Janine was never a consistent honor student throughout her life in school.

She took the National Medical Admissions Test twice with an average score of 76.

She is now the valedictorian of CPU Med Batch Medici Dei.

It was her father, a surgeon, who first inspired her to pursue Medicine. “After I graduated, I was not satisfied. I saw how Papa’s life was so fulfilling and how he always made himself available to help. Experiencing what it was like to be him is a dream fulfilled.”

However, inspiration lacked in another field. Dr. Janine Dalisay is still NBSB! And she’s out looking for love! If you’re looking to be that one lucky guy, her Instagram handle is @papsturr!

“I would like to give my heartful thanks to:

My family. I really appreciate everything you did. At this age, I should be giving back but you were so patient and supportive of me,

My friends in med, WOWZA, you lightened my experience and made everything easier,

My college and high school barkada who always make me happy every time I see them,


My mentors and consultants who guided us,

Batch medici for being fun for making med a chill experience just because you were you. We did it!

To my future boyfriend, where na u here na me”