Project SLEEP: Combating Student Sleep Deprivation

In an age where digital distractions constantly beckon, Angelo Despi, a senior AB Communication student at the University of St. La Salle, is tackling the pervasive issue of sleep deprivation among his peers.

With the launch of Project Sleep, he is taking on the epidemic of restless nights brought on by social media and screen time overuse.

Angelo’s initiative comes in collaboration with Dr. Cinderella R. Francisco and the USLS Guidance and Evaluation Center, setting out to raise awareness about the harmful effects of sacrificing sleep for screen time.

Having personally grappled with disrupted sleep due to prolonged use of electronic devices, Angelo channels his experiences into advocacy, aspiring to help others escape the sleep deprivation spiral.

“Sacrificing sleep affects not only academic performance but also one’s health,” Angelo notes, emphasizing the broader repercussions of neglected rest. His campaign, which kicked off in February, leverages social media to reach students, encouraging them to reconsider their nocturnal habits and understand the critical importance of good sleep hygiene.

The efforts of Project Sleep go beyond online advocacy; they are rooted in partnership with educational institutions to ensure students receive the support they need.

A cornerstone of this mission is the symposium set for April 24th, promising to offer insights into the psychology of sleep deprivation and practical tips for healthier lifestyles.

Angelo’s unwavering dedication to this cause is a testament to the potential for student-led initiatives to drive change and promote health within the academic community and beyond.