PSA Aklan educates Talangban farmers about PhilSys

Talangban farmers with the MAO and PhilSys personnel.

KALIBO, Aklan – The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Aklan  conducted an information dissemination for rice farmers in Barangay Talangban at Talangban Multi-Purpose Pavement, Madalag, on January 23.

This activity was made possible through collaboration with the Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) of the municipality of Madalag, coinciding with the release of RFFA Intervention Monitoring Cards (IMC) and Rodenticides to the beneficiaries.

Approximately 60 farmers actively participated in the dissemination activity, engaging in a  meaningful discussion and posing inquiries regarding the National ID.

Ms. Niña Faye R. Culajara, Information Officer I of PSA Aklan, explained the uses and importance of PhilID and ePhilID, emphasizing their acceptance in both public and private establishments.

The PhilSys information dissemination, part of PhilSys Aklan’s awareness campaign, aimed to familiarize individuals with R.A 11055 or the PhilSys Act and its benefits, providing crucial information for them to register and fully utilize the advantages of PhilSys.

“We are very happy that farmers had active involvement, allowing for a productive exchange of questions and queries, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the National ID system,” said Engr. Antonet B. Catubuan, Chief Statistical Specialist.

“This initiative also assists in addressing grievances and feedback that could potentially  have a negative impact, particularly among individuals lacking information about PhilSys”, Engr. Catubuan added.

Meanwhile, a total of four defective PhilIDs, subject to replacement, were received from registrants.

“We are very privileged that PSA Aklan conducted this information dissemination in our Barangay for us to learn about the benefits of the PhilSys endeavor for farmers”, said Barangay Captain Roy C. Resta.

This initiative highlights PSA’s commitment to educating citizens about the advantages of PhilID and ePhilID, emphasizing a dedication to progress and a well-informed community.


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