PSA Guimaras lists more National ID registrants through PhilSys on Wheels operations

The Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)-Guimaras Provincial Statistical Office listed more registrants for National Identification through PhilSys on Wheels operations, which aims to reach individuals who may have difficulties going to designated registration sites.

As of November 2023, the total number of PhilID registrants in Guimaras was 749, accounting for 62.42 percent of the monthly target of 1,200 individuals.

“This November 2023, the cumulative total of PhilID registrants since January 2023, was posted at 5,351 lightly accounting for 14.91 percent of the 35,900 targets for 2023”, Provincial Statistics Officer Nelida b. Losare said.

“Since the operation started in July 2021, the total registered individuals reached 148,760 in November 2023. This figure is a mix of individuals who are residents and non-residents of Guimaras,” Losare added.

In the consolidated data from the central office as of September 2023, a total of 154,741 Guimarasnons were already registered in the PhilSys, accounting for 86.08 percent of the total 2023 projected population based on the 2020 Census of Population and Housing (CPH) at 172, 816 individuals.

“The PSA PhilSys on Wheels is a strategy wherein the PhilSys team conducted registration of PhilSys (national ID) and delivered other PhilSys services using a vehicle with a registration kit already set up inside”, Losare said.

“The PhilSys on wheels roams around the province and visits the area where people gather, such as terminals, ports, markets, etc., for more potential registrants to PhilSys. It also gives comfort to unregistered individuals because of the accessibility it provides, Losare added.

Losare also highlighted that the PhilSys on Wheels is also a helpful strategy to increase PhilSys registration output due to the convenience it provides, especially in operating the registration kit without disassembling biometric peripherals, unlike in a house-to-house (h2h) mobile registration where the team will need to take time to set up and assemble the equipment.

“The PhilSys on Wheels reaches more people and helps people more aware of the importance of PhilSys (National ID) as it is one of the Primary IDs accepted by different agencies as of today”, Losare said.

“We are positive that through this PhilSys on Wheels operation, all individuals in Guimaras will get registered, although having an available vehicle is quite an issue. However, PhilSys Guimaras will always find ways to deliver its services closer to the people,” Losare said.