PSA Iloilo and DSWD collaborate for PhilID authentication

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in Iloilo has formed a partnership with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to integrate Philsys registration within the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) Family Development Session (FDS) across the country.

This initiative aims to enroll all Filipinos in Philsys, bringing services closer to Ilonggos and registering 4Ps beneficiaries and their households, facilitating their access to a wide array of government services.

DSWD reports that around 24 million 4Ps beneficiaries, including children aged five and above, are yet to be registered in Philsys. The FDSs scheduled for February and March provide an opportunity for PSA to expedite registration and ePhilID issuance conveniently for 4Ps families.

Beneficiaries and their household members aged five and above who have been on the PSA’s register before February 1, 2024, qualify for FDS equivalency. They must, however, complete biometric authentication through the Philsys Authentication Application.

When verifying identity, the authenticated individual is required to present their PhilSys Card Number (PCN) displayed on their PhilID or ePhilID and undergo a fingerprint scan.

This collaboration aims to substantially boost the number of Philsys registrants among 4Ps beneficiaries, promoting a smoother and more comprehensive provision of social assistance to the beneficiaries and their families.

With the functionalities of the PhilID, the process for verifying eligibility and processing digital payments will be expedited, offering beneficiaries enhanced and diversified options for accessing their benefits.

Below are the target scheduled dates of FDS in the province of Iloilo:

Cabatuan March 11, 2024 Tabucan and Talanghauan Cabatuan Library
Cabatuan March 12, 2024 Pamul-ogan and Pungtod Cabatuan Library
Cabatuan March 13, 2024 Duyanduyan and Gaub Cabatuan Library
Cabatuan March 14, 2024 Ito Sur, Ito Norte and Calayo Cabatuan Library
Cabatuan March 15, 2024 Tupol Este, Tupol Oeste and Tupol Central Cabatuan Library
Cabatuan March 16 & 18, 2024 Manguna Brgy. Hall
Calinog March 11-12, 2024 Cahigon Cahigon Brgy. Hall
Calinog March 13-14, 2024 Toyungan Toyungan Brgy. Hall
Calinog March 15-16, 2024 Alibunan Alibunan Brgy. Hall
Banate March 8, 2024 Fuentes and Dugwakawan Brgy. Hall
Banate March 12, 2024 Merced Brgy. Hall
Banate March 13, 2024 Libertad Brgy. Hall
Banate March 14, 2024 Managopaya and Zona Sur Brgy. Hall
Banate March 15, 2024 Bularan and Magdalo Brgy. Hall

J. Villanueva Building, 2nd Floor, Iznart St, Iloilo City, Philippines Telephone: (033) 327-9219 • Telefax:

Banate March 18, 2024 De Lapaz Brgy. Hall
Banate March 19, 2024 Belen Brgy. Hall
Banate March 20, 2024 Juanico and Poblacion Brgy. Hall
Banate March 21, 2024 Carmelo Brgy. Hall
Banate March 22, 2024 Alacaygan Brgy. Hall
Banate March 25, 2024 Talokgangan Brgy. Hall
Banate March 26, 2024 San Salvador Brgy. Hall
Banate March 27, 2024 Bobon Brgy. Hall
Dumangas March 7, 2024 Dacutan Brgy. Hall
Dumangas March 8-9, 2024 PDMN Brgy. Hall
Dumangas March 11, 2024 Maquina Brgy. Hall
Dumangas March 12, 2024 Jardin,Buenaflor,Talusan and Sapao Jardin Gym
Dumangas March 13, 2024 Rosario Brgy. Hall
Dumangas March 14, 2024 Balabag Brgy. Hall
Dumangas March 15, 2024 Cali Brgy. Hall
Dumangas March 16, 2024 Calao Brgy. Hall
Dumangas March 18, 2024 Sulangan Brgy. Hall
Dumangas March 19, 2024 Tamboilan Brgy. Hall
Dumangas March 20, 2024 Nanding Lopez Brgy. Hall
Dumangas March 21, 2024 Patlad Brgy. Hall
Dumangas March 22-23, 2024 Ermita Brgy. Hall
Dumangas March 25, 2024 Tabucan Brgy. Hall
Dumangas March 26, 2024 Lacturan and Victorias Lacturan Gym
Pototan March 6-7,2024 San Jose Ward,Jaena, Parcon,Ledesma 4PS Office
Pototan March 8-9,2024 Dapitan And Cato-Ogan Cato-Ogan Gym
Pototan March 11-12,2024 Nanga,Culob, Cansilayan,Pajo Nanga Gym
Pototan March 13, 2024 Naga Brgy. Hall
Pototan March 14, 2024 Cahaguichican Brgy. Hall
Pototan March 15, 2024 Tumcon Ilaud Brgy. Hall
Pototan March 16, 2024 Rumbang and Casalsagan Rumbang Gym
Barotac Nuevo March 7, 2024 Monpon Brgy. Hall
Barotac Nuevo March 8, 2024 Cruz and Pob Ilaya Brgy. Hall
Barotac Nuevo March 11, 2024 Jalaud Brgy. Hall
Barotac Nuevo March 12, 2024 Guintas Brgy. Hall
Barotac Nuevo March 13, 2024 Baras Brgy. Hall
Barotac Nuevo March 14, 2024 Bungca Brgy. Hall
Barotac Nuevo March 15, 2024 Ilaud Pob Brgy. Hall
Barotac Nuevo March 18, 2024 Tinorian Brgy. Hall
Barotac Nuevo March 19, 2024 Palaciawan Brgy. Hall
Barotac Nuevo March 20, 2024 Lico-An Brgy. Hall
Barotac Nuevo March 21, 2024 Cabilauan Brgy. Hall
Barotac Nuevo March 22, 2024 Agcuyawan Pulo Brgy. Hall
Barotac Nuevo March 25, 2024 Igbong Brgy. Hall
Barotac Nuevo March 26, 2024 Bagongbong Brgy. Hall
Molo March 7, 2024 Kasing-Kasing and East Baluarte East Baluarte Gym
Molo March 8, 2024 West Timawa, East Timawa and Infante West Timawa Gym
Molo March 11, 2024 San Juan Zone 1 – 3 San Juan Zone Gym
Molo March 12, 2024 San Juan Zone 4-6 San Juan Zone 2 Gym
Molo March 13, 2024 San Juan Zone 7-10 San Juan Zone 2 Gym
Molo March 14, 2024 San Juan Zone 11-13 San Juan Zone 2 Gym
Molo March 15, 2024 Compania, Tap-Oc, North Funfidor Compania Central Gym
Molo March 18, 2024 San Pedro Ssn Pedro Brgy. Hall
Molo March 19, 2024 Calumpang Calumpang Gym
Molo March 20, 2024 South Baluarte, Infante, Cochero South Baluarte Gym
Molo March 21, 2024 Poblacion, Taal, San Antonio San Antonio Chapel
Lemery March 7, 2024 Dapdapan Brgy. Hall
Lemery March 8, 2024 Velasco Brgy. Hall
Estancia March 7-8, 2024 Botongon Brgy. Hall
Estancia March 9, 2024 Loguingot Brgy. Hall
Estancia March 11, 2024 Poblacion Zone 1, Pob. Zone 3 Brgy. Hall
Estancia March 13-14, 2024 Paon Brgy. Hall
Estancia March 15, 2024 Tabuan, Pani-an Brgy. Hall
Estancia March 16, 2024 Calapdan Brgy. Hall
Estancia March 18, 2024 Bayas Brgy. Hall
Estancia March 19, 2024 Bayas and Manipulon Brgy. Hall
Maasin March 8, 2024 Tigbauan Brgy. Hall
Maasin March 9, 2024 Mandog Brgy. Hall
Maasin March 10, 2024 Layog Brgy. Hall
Oton March 8-9, 2024

March 11-16, 2024

March 18-23, 2024

March 25-27, 2024

Brgy. Poblacion North Oton Municipal Hall
Igbaras March 8-9, 2024

March 11-16, 2024

March 18-23, 2024

March 25-27, 2024

Brgy. Poblacion III Municipality Covered Gym
Leon March 8, 2024 Brgy. Cawilihan Brgy. Hall
Brgy.Tagsing Brgy. Hall
Leon March 9, 2024 Brgy. Mali-Ao Brgy. Hall
Brgy. Igcadios Brgy. Hall
Brgy.Lampaya Brgy. Hall
Leon March 11, 2024 Brgy Camandag Brgy. Hall
Brgy. Bulwang Brgy. Hall
Leon March 12, 2024 Brgy. Marirong Brgy. Hall
Leon March 13, 2024 Brgy Malublub Brgy. Hall
San Miguel March 11, 2024 San Antonio Brgy. Hall
San Miguel March 12, 2024 Brgy 6,8,9 and Brgy Sto Angel Covered Gym
San Miguel March 13, 2024 Brgy 7,10 and Brgy Santa Cruz Covered Gym
San Miguel March 14, 2024 Brgy 11 & 14 Brgy. Hall
San Miguel March 15, 2024 Consolacion Brgy Covered Gym
San Miguel March 18, 2024 Brgy Igtambo Brgy Covered Gym
San Miguel March 19, 2024 Brgy 15 & 16 4P’s Office