Quick Style Tips for Beach Wedding Bridal Wear

Do you like to dream about sunshine and white sand? If yes, then chances are you will tie the knot on the beach. Yes, you need to mind this fact when picking your wedding dress. To help you out, we are giving the following quick tips!

Shorter Length

You don’t want your dress to drag sand. It will ruin the dress and will make you look grubby in photos. Try a short dress with cocktail or tea length. You can also try a varied length skirt with calf length back, and knee length front. This will give you a more bridal look without dragging in the sand.

Pick Something Breathable

If you are having a beach wedding, you better expect hot weather with lots of sunshine. So, you better make sure the fabric of the wedding gown is breathable. If it overheats you, you won’t make it through the whole day. Light and floaty fabrics are an ideal fit for beach wedding dresses. Chiffon and Charmeuse are two great examples of breathable fabrics.

Be Casual

Beach weddings have a casual vibe. Therefore, you don’t need a strictly formal gown with gull skirt bodice. It won’t suit your wedding. Instead, pick something with soft and smooth silhouette, tie your hair loosely and wear fresh flowers in them. It will perfect your look.


In case you live next to the beach, then don’t worry about it. But if not, then you know you will need to travel. So, pick something that is easy to pack and carry. It will save you from a hell lot of trouble.  Get something easy to pack without a ton of embellishments to cut the risk of damaging your dress.

Ditch Heels

Heels do make an important part of wedding dresses, but you don’t want to wear them in the sand.  Bridal gowns can look different base on your footwear. A beach wedding dress doesn’t accommodate heels. Instead, they pair with flat shoes, flipflops, pumps or even bare feet.

Strappy Style

Strapless gowns are a style statement, no double. They demand lots of fabric and support. Therefore, they are hot to accommodate a beach wedding. If you want something appealing, thenuse spaghetti straps with tanned shoulders.

In case you want normal straps, then you can try a low cut back for the exotic touch.

Prepare for a Breeze

If you are going to beach, be prepared for the wind. Avoid losing accessories because they will blow around. Also, avoid wearing a veil and mini skirt dresses. It will just ruin your day, or worse embarrass you in front of the crowd.

Be Yourself

Be yourself; there are so many factors that will affect your ceremony. You should be aware of them instead of stressing about them.  Your wedding is about the love you will share with your husband, not the weather or your dress. Besides, you can only control so much.  You need an open mind, careful planning and lots of confidence to shine on this day.