Red Cross Iloilo strengthens blood donation drive as dengue cases rise

By John Noel E. Herrera

The Philippine Red Cross Iloilo Chapter is strengthening its blood donation campaign both in the city and province as dengue cases continue to increase.

Based on data from the Department of Health (DOH), Iloilo province logged 1,800 cases of dengue with 16 fatalities from Jan to Aug 6, 2022 while Iloilo City recorded 748 dengue cases with 1 death from Jan 1 to Aug 16 of this year.

With the increased demand for blood transfusions, Red Cross Iloilo maintains its blood supply by continuing to accept walk-in blood donors and establishing more strategic partnerships with public and private companies, as well as local government units (LGUs) to conduct its Mobile Blood Donation (MBD).

The MBD project also aimed to make blood donations more accessible to the people in different communities who wish to donate blood for a good cause.

According to Dr. Carlo Carado, Blood Center Manager of Red Cross Iloilo Chapter, they have received 88 blood requests from dengue patients and have served 238 units of blood products to them from Jan to June this year.

Carado also said that there are already over 15,000 bags of blood collected from Jan to Aug of this year.

She further said that the supply of blood is somehow enough to cater to patients who need blood transfusion like those who are infected by dengue and COVID-19, those who are diagnosed with cancer, and undergoing dialysis treatment.

However, she reiterated that even though they can still manage to serve the demand for blood requests so far, it is still important for everyone to take part in blood-letting activities to cater to the increase in demand for blood.

“Our advocacy is continuous and we encourage eligible donors to donate blood regularly. We conduct Mobile Blood Donations (MBD) daily, mostly within the city and out of towns to further increase the blood supply,” Carado said in an interview.

On Tuesday, the Iloilo Girl Scout Council also conducted a blood donation drive to help those who need blood transfusion, especially COVID-19 patients, dengue patients, and those who are undergoing dialysis treatment.