Reverente of Pasay switches gears as Navy frontliner

Dhon Reverente of the Pasay Voyagers was called up by the Philippine Navy to serve as a frontliner (

By Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

Dhon Reverente of the Pasay Voyagers will be facing a tougher battle after the conclusion of their MPBL Lakan season.

Originally an Apprentice Seaman, Reverente was called up by the Philippine Navy to go back to his duty and serve as a frontliner.

Reverente is one of the key gunners of a playoff Pasay squad, averaging 12.0 points and 11.5 rebounds per contest.

While taking a break from the MPBL season, Reverente is busy manning Fort Bonifacio as part of his duty as a frontliner.

The Philippine Merchant Marine Schol (PMMS) graduate is overseeing the Fort while implementing strict orders within the area.

After the enhanced community quarantine was imposed by President Rodrigo Duterte, Reverente having yet to see his family, instead chose to help the Navy.

“Very supportive naman family ko. Nakikita ko sila araw-araw after duty via chat. Natatakot din ako umuwi kasi baka may madala ako sa bahay, mahawa sila, kaya tiis na lang talaga,” said Reverente.