Road shoulders upgraded for safety of motorists and pedestrians

Paved shoulders of the Mandurriao-San Miguel-Alimodian-Maasin-Cabatuan Road in Barangay Binalud, Alimodian section were meant for to maintain road stability and prevent damage to pavement edges. (Photo by DPWH-Iloilo 4th DEO)

Safety for both motorists and pedestrians in Barangay Binalud, Alimodian, Iloilo, has been significantly enhanced by the completion of a road improvement project by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

The DPWH Iloilo 4th District Engineering Office has spearheaded the project, investing Php16.618 million from the FY 2023 DPWH Infrastructure Program into the development.

The initiative included the paving of 481 linear meters of road shoulders along both sides of the Mandurriao-San Miguel-Alimodian-Maasin-Cabatuan Road, complete with slope protection and drainage structures to maintain road stability and ensure proper water disposal, thus protecting the adjacent residential areas.

Regional Director Sanny Boy O. Oropel emphasized the crucial role of paved road shoulders in traffic safety and capacity.

“Road shoulders are not just a safety feature for emergency stops; they’re also key for traffic management during poor visibility conditions,” he noted.

Echoing Oropel’s sentiment, District Engineer Mario G. Soriano pointed out the added benefits for non-motorized road users.

“The shoulders create a safer space for cyclists and pedestrians, away from the main carriageway. This segregation enhances safety and increases road capacity,” Soriano explained.

The improved road shoulders also contribute to the longevity of the main road by protecting pavement edges from early damage, ensuring stability and durability.

The DPWH recognizes the essential nature of road shoulders in the transportation infrastructure, dedicating efforts to enhance road safety and functionality on a continuous basis. (DPWH)


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