Road widening connecting Guimaras towns nears completion

The road widening project connecting the towns of Jordan and Buenavista in Guimaras province is in full swing, according to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Guimaras District Engineering Office.

District Engineer Rhodora B. Nuñal said the widening from 2 lanes to 4 lanes of the 2-kilometer portion of Guimaras Circumferential road along the boundary of Jordan and Buenavista costing P76.12 million is expected to be completed in May this year.

The project involved concreting of 3.35-meter wide on both sides of the road including provision of metal guard rail, grouted riprap, stone masonry, concrete curb and gutter, lined canal, chevron signs and other directional signs, and reflectorized thermoplastic pavement markings.

“This widening project will provide safer roads to daily commuters traveling to schools, offices and other recreational sites in the province,” Nuñal said.

“The widened road will also encourage more tourists to visit various destinations in the province like the Guimaras Mountain Resort and Marceily’s Point in the town of Buenavista, and San Lorenzo Wind Farm and Holy Family Hills in the municipality of San Lorenzo,” she added.

Nuñal added that the increase in tourism activities would bring more employment and business opportunities among the people in the area, that could help improve their socio-economic condition.

In addition, transport of basic goods and services would become easier and faster since wider roads can cater a bigger volume of vehicular traffic including big delivery trucks from Jordan Ro-Ro wharf to any point in the province. (DPWH-6/RPAIO)