Ruby Ruiz: A Rising Star Illuminating the International Stage

For Theodore Boborol’s 2019 film Iska, Ruby Ruiz took home the Best Actress prize at the 2020 Harlem International Film Festival in New York. Ruiz plays an impoverished grandma who adores her autistic grandchild in this movie. (Photo courtesy of Ruby Ruiz during the premiere of Expats)

By Christine Marie Lim Magpile, LPT

In the vast landscape of entertainment, certain stars can captivate the audience worldwide with their talent and charisma. One such luminary is Ruby Ruiz, the brilliant Filipina actress who has been making waves with her exceptional performance as Essie in Lulu Wang’s Expats, now available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

The Enigmatic Essie: Ruby Ruiz’s Captivating Role in Expats

In Expats, Ruby Ruiz embodies the character of Essie with grace and depth as the nanny in the series. Essie (Ruby Ruiz) not only serves as a caregiver but also as a pillar of strength and wisdom, navigating the intricate dynamics of the expatriate community.

A nanny to a wealthy expat family, Essie’s character embodies resilience as she takes life’s challenges with grace, displaying Ruby Ruiz’s depth as an actress. Her portrayal brings Essie to life, adding layers of complexity to the character, and making Essie relatable and memorable.

A Dream Collaboration: Working with Lulu Wang and Nicole Kidman

Working alongside acclaimed Director Lulu Wang and international superstar Nicole Kidman was a transformative experience for Ruby Ruiz. Wang’s visionary direction and storytelling prowess elevated Ruiz’s performance, which enabled her to delve into the nuances of her character with depth and authenticity. Sharing the screen with award-winning actress Nicole Kidman was an honor for Ruby Ruiz and inspired her to push the boundaries of her craft.

Proudly Filipina: Ruby Ruiz’s Perspective on Playing Essie

As a Filipina, Ruby Ruiz feels a deep connection to her role in Expats. Essie is a representation of the strong and resilient Filipina women who work hard to provide for their families. Ruby Ruiz approaches her role in Expats with a deep sense of cultural pride and responsibility. In portraying Essie, Ruby Ruiz not only highlights her acting prowess but also breaks barriers and challenges stereotypes along the way.

A Star on the Rise: Ruby Ruiz’s International Acting Award

In 2020, Ruby Ruiz achieved a significant milestone in her career by winning the Best Actress award at the Harlem Film Festival for her stellar performance in the Cinemalaya film Iska. This international recognition not only validated her talent and dedication but also fueled her passion to continue pursuing excellence in her craft. Ruby felt humbled and grateful for the recognition, fueling her passion for acting even more.

Beyond Expats: Ruby Ruiz’s Diverse TV Projects

Apart from her standout role in Expats, Ruby Ruiz has graced the small screen with her presence in various TV projects, showcasing her versatility and range as an actress. From the riveting drama of Linlang to the gripping narrative of Dirty Linen, she has captivated audiences with her compelling performances, solidifying her status as a rising star in the television industry.

Ruby Ruiz’s journey from the Philippines to the global stage is a testament to her talent and passion for acting. Her portrayal of Essie in Expats is a shining example of her ability to bring characters to life, captivating audiences worldwide.