Ruling by intimidation?

By Klaus Döring

Workplace intimidation or workplace bullying happens when supervisors, coworkers, or subordinates direct verbal abuse, physical threats, blackmail, or violence to manipulate other employees of an organization to gain a professional benefit.

Fate’s irony: already in 2004 I joined a round-table-conference and discussion about terrorism in this entire world. Check today’s headlines and these incidents hitting them: nothing made changes to it. Ad absurdum!

When are countries and people of this world going to understand that terrorists are destroying economies, our freedoms, our democracies, our religious freedoms and our way to life in a world?

World’s history showed us that actually our freedom is such a  precious thing and the most prized possession that all free men have or should have, Many have given their lives in the past and many will in the future – just protecting their rights and liberties. But, we also should understand that wherever we are living on this globe, we can’t avoid risks and burdens, and that we can’t expect anything from countries and their governments doing something for us if it’s coming to “life against money”.

Fact is that democracy is a democratic process for a democratic society with a democratic system of law. Terrorists do not deserve any democratic process to be used on them at all. They work in the shadows to do their evil and deeds to society, ending up killing innocent people for their warped sense of their distorted minds of what is right and wrong.

“Silent leges inter arma!” (Law remains silent by force of arms) – as Cicero said already in his “Pro milone”.

I am pretty sure that we all want to worship our God daily, try to live a good life and harm no one, and we expect to be treated the same by all. Our hearts might even forgive a terrorist and it perhaps learn to love him, because we have been taught not to carry hate for man.

And, isn’t it really ironic that as soon as we cage a terrorist that he seeks freedom – something he and all his peers originally set out to destroy? Danse macabre!

Psalm 91:5 says: “You’ll not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day!”


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