Satisfy your cravings at the street food buffet of Marriott Iloilo

By: Emme Rose Santiagudo 

Street food has always been a staple of the Filipino food culture, affording netizens with cheap but tasty snacks.

To Filipinos, street food not only offers that momentary satisfaction of eating, it is an undeniable craving.

Recognizing the special place street food has in our hearts (or bellies), Courtyard by Marriott Iloilo’s all-day buffet restaurant, Runway Kitchen has a special offer just for you.

At only P499 net per person, you can now partake of unlimited Filipino and Ilonggo street food every Tuesday and Wednesday.

What do you get for P499? Here are the wide variety of choices perfect for all street food savvy Ilonggos:

  • The deep fried station offers a wide selection. Among its options are; chicken skin, kwek-kwek, fish ball, tempura, lumpia shanghai, dynamite, cheese sticks, and deep fried siomai complete with your choice of dips and sauces, all fried to perfection.
  • If your taste is more fruit or vegetable related, top-favorites green mango, cucumber and turnips (singkamas) in skewered fashion is readily available with a selection of dips such as bagoong (shrimp paste), chilli sauce, and vinegar.
  • *There is also a fried rice station complete with all the ingredients you need to personalize your version of fried rice.
  • Adjacent to the fried rice station are Filipino street food favourites: sugar-coated peanuts, chicharon (pork cracklings), and even “balut” (boiled fertilized duck eggs) and  “penoy” (boiled unfertilized duck eggs). 
  • *The barbecue station, featuring a variety of marinated chicken and pork cut skewers, will not disappoint.
  • Beside the dimsum and Mongolian station, there is also a sizzling sisig station and crispy liempo for those who love pork.
  • If you prefer slurping instead of chewing, you can down a hearty bowl of batchoy instead.
  • Of course, street food wouldn’t be complete without the wide selection of desserts such as bitsukoy (sugar rolled deep fried dough), local doughnut, turon, palitao, bukayo, bibingka, biko, sweetened banana, puto cheese and a crepe station with an array of fancy garnishing.
  • To finish your meals off, you can choose from sago’t gulaman, available fruit juices, and iced tea as part of the buffet.

You can also order soda from any of the waiters.

Beer lovers also have an option of adding flowing Heineken beer for only 499.

The promotion is available to anyone for a full two hours.  

Ms. Maia Israel, the international hotel’s director of operations, said the whole street food concept celebrates the culture which is uniquely Filipino, perfect to warmly welcome foreign guests.

“It’s a really fun concept our food and beverage team has put together. It celebrates what is uniquely Filipino, an offer that our foreign guests would love to try and a project that welcomes locals to enjoy the flavors they grew up with,” she said.


This promotion is available until the end of June 2019. Reservations will be gladly entertained and can call (033) 330-7600.