SCALAWAGS’ FILE: Cops with shady links will land on ‘dero’ list

Police officers with links to crimes or were charged for misdemeanours will find themselves in the derogatory list if they fail to clear their names through the adjudication process. (DG file)

By Jennifer P. Rendon

The quandary of cops who were either linked to illegal activities or slapped with criminal and administrative charges will not end with penalties.

The Police Regional Office (PRO)-6 said police officers involved in illegal activities or charged for misdemeanors will also be placed on the “dero” list.

Dero is a contraction of the word derogatory, which pertains to a bad, disdainful, or disparaging character.

“If you commit a violation, you would be placed on dero list,” PRO-6 director Rene Pamuspusan said.

But the dero list is no ordinary file as it has far-reaching implications.

“Being on the list will affect your application for schooling and even promotion,” Pamuspusan said.

A police officer whose name is on the dero list will remain until he or she hurdles the adjudication process.

While the PNP hierarchy has not issued a campaign plan for such purpose, Pamuspusan said they started on the dero list in anticipation of orders from the PNP central command.

A cop on the dero list will be constantly monitored.

“If you have committed infractions and violation of policies, it is probable that you’re also capable of doing more serious offense,” he said.

As such, “we would be keeping an eye on you in a bid to prevent you from doing infractions.”

That’s why Pamuspusan said police should learn to comport themselves or suffer the consequences.



Pamuspusan said they are monitoring at least seven cops for their involvement in illegal activities.

The seven policemen are part of the 34 cops who were tagged in illegal drugs.

Five are assigned in Negros Occidental and one each in PRO-6 headquarters and the Iloilo Police Provincial Office (IPPO).

From 34, the number went down to 7 after the adjudication process.

The PNP has an adjudication board from the Regional Intelligence Division in different regions of the country to ascertain if alleged scalawag cops have reformed or not.