Seminario de Jaro celebrates 150th founding Anniversary

The Saint Vincent Ferrer Seminary (SVFS) marks its 150th year foundation and its weeklong celebration is slated on November 24 – 30, 2019.

The SVFS Alumni – Angkan ni Vicente Board came up the programs and activities for this grand celebration.

“We are inviting all alumni in any part of the world to come and joins us,” Angkan President Atty. Warme Araneta said.

“Under our constitution and bylaws, considered as Angkan were all those enrolled and spent a night in the seminary and for as long as he officially applied and become a registered member.”

Founded in 1869, SVF Seminary is the first institution of higher education in Western Visayas, the fifth oldest and the last seminary that was established during the Spanish colonial period. It used to be a seminary – college and the most popular and first center of secondary education.

Accounts from the “Exposicion General de las Islas Filipinas in Madrid, 1887 – Memoria” showed a total enrolment of 5,344 for the year 1875-1885 with average yearly enrollment of some one hundred fifty interns and some six to seven hundred externs.

The National Historical Institute of the Republic of the Philippines officially and publicly proclaimed the historical significance of the first Institution of Higher Learning in Western Visayas.

Its alumni had been influential both to the church and the state affairs and even some established radical movement. The renowned alumni include Archbishop Gabriel Reyes, the first Filipino Archbishop of Manila; Jaime Cardinal Sin, former CBCP Head Jose Palma, recently appointed Bishop Midyphil Billones and 11 other bishops.

Notably, it was also a school of heroes such as Graciano Lopez Jaena, Gen. Martin Delgado, Gen. Quintin Salas, Former Gov. Benito Lopez and first Chief Justice of the Philippine Supreme Court, Ramon Avanceña.

Currently, SVFS alumni priests not only serve local parishes but also in other dioceses, the military ordinariate, and even abroad.

Some of those who left the seminary are serving in the judiciary, Ombudsman, OSG, GOCCs, local government units, and in the commissions and agencies.

Other alumni belong to private sectors like NGOs, banking, media, and insurance industries, while a number landed to become engineers, accountants, nurses doctors and lawyers.

The series of activities, which are open to the public starting November 24, includes the official opening day, open house, exhibits, velada, and games.

All Angkans are invited to the fellowship nights. For details, interested are advise to contact the SVFS Liasion Office or through the FB page. (L. Tabsing/Comcom)