Should China pay reparations?-2

By Modesto P. Sa-onoy

For months Fauci had denied he helped (with taxpayers’ money) finance the work in the Wuhan laboratory but now his emails make a liar out of him.

The “god” who mandated protocols on the pandemic is starting to fall and his protocols like masks and lockdowns are being trashed as “rubbish” without any scientific evidence. In fact, he recently admitted that there is no scientific study or evidence that masks prevent the spread of the disease.

I will discuss the findings on the issue of masks under a later column.

Wayne Root continued. “I predicted we were experiencing a massive cover-up by China, the Chinese Communist Party, the World Health Organization, Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, simply because they’d all be on the hook for $10 trillion in damages. Suddenly, people are admitting this deadly virus was probably made in a Chinese bio-warfare lab.” Fauci had earlier used the word, “engineered”.

“Since my gut has been right on the money for 15 months now, while everyone else has been blind, deaf and dumb, what else am I right about? Could my second prediction be right on the money, too?”

What is Root predicting this time?

“I’ve said all along this was no mistake, no coincidence, no bad fortune. This was an attack on the United States by China.

“In my opinion, there are only two possibilities for why and how this pandemic happened. Either way, China is guilty of the worst acts of mass murder since Hitler, Stalin and China’s Mao Zedong.

“First, Behind the Door No. 1: It’s possible the virus escaped a Wuhan research lab. If true, there’s no way that was an accident. China clearly developed it as a bioweapon of mass destruction. Even if it got out by accident, China is responsible for the deaths of millions.”

That the virus came out of the Wuhan laboratory is almost certain as evidence and circumstances now present. Whether this virus was intended for a weapon in biological warfare is yet to be proven, but possible. Otherwise, why would a country with an avowed purpose of world dominance not tinker with nature by creating the virus? Fauci denied this in a Senate testimony but he failed to prove his claim that the US dollar sent to Wuhan was not intended for research on a “gain of function” for the bat virus. What added function?

Root is known for his “conspiracy theory” which he is now trying to prove it does exist. “It’s possible,” he said, “once the virus was out and Chinese officials knew, they made the deadly decision to let thousands of infected Chinese fly to America and other Western countries to spread the virus worldwide. They clearly believed in former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s famous saying: “Never allow a good crisis to go to waste.”

And crisis they really created and exploited. I recall writing about French President Emmanuel Macron suggesting to the French to “embrace” a Chinese they met, just to show that they did not carry the virus. He was wrong; thousands of French are now dead and the virus spread uncontrolled throughout the European continent. Three days ago a Frenchman slapped him in public.

“Behind door No. 2 is even more evil: Did China purposely send this bioweapon of mass destruction to America to end the trade war and, as a bonus, destroy us, our economy and then-President Trump?

“My gut says this was a purposeful attack on America. Look at the timing. Look at what China achieved. This pandemic just happened to wipe out Trump’s economy – the greatest economy in modern history. Overnight, America went from prosperity to what amounted to a Great Depression. The stock market collapsed. Millions of small businesses were closed. Millions of Americans lost their jobs and a large portion of their life savings. We added trillions in debt to prop up the economy with stimulus, bailouts and welfare.

“Many of the structural problems from the pandemic remain. Supply chains are destroyed. Hyperinflation is here. The price of gas, food, homes and ammo is through the roof. The middle class is decimated. America’s famous work ethic has been destroyed. We have a massive worker shortage.”

Continued on Monday.