Should China pay reparations?-3

By Modesto P. Sa-onoy

Just a break. Bacolod is boasting it has gone more miles than any other town and cities in Occidental Negros in terms of vaccination. The media mouthpieces of Mayor Evelio Leonardia are even sneering at the provincial officials, particularly its consultant, Albee Benitez, that the pace of vaccination in the province is slow. Governor Eugenio “Bong” Lacson is not inclined to offer incentives to people to get inoculated. Indeed, a person should be vaccinated on his own volition and not induced. That is a basic human right.

However, as fast as the vaccination rolls out in Bacolod, so also the number of deaths and infections are rising that Leonardia just passed an order in an attempt to stem the tide of more infections. On the other hand, there is hardly any report that the incidence – death and infection – in the province is rising.

A published graph show the upward swing of infection in Bacolod that came right after the city doubled up its vaccination.

Any correlation similar to my earlier column about vaccines causing more deaths and infections?

In many towns and barrios, there are no reports of infection and no vaccine either. The other week we passed through some areas where people don’t wear masks and a friend and several companions told me that when they went to a barangay and came down with all of them wearing masks, people looked at them amused. Except for them, nobody was wearing a mask. They removed their masks lest they be seen as from outer space.

In several cities in Europe, thousands of protestors marched without masks, of course to protest against the mask because there is no scientific evidence the masks prevent infection or spread of the disease. There is now a move in Congress to do away with the face shields which are not used publicly in other countries except by those directly dealing with the infected.

This interlude only supports the article of Wayne Root. He is describing our situation as in many countries. In relation to China, that country with its double speak, keeps telling us we are its friend. With friends like that, who need enemies? Since President Duterte is in China’s pocket, what can we do? Our hope is that they don’t live forever.

“Under Trump,” Wayne Root continued, “we had re-established our economic dominance in the world. Now it’s all reversed. Guess who’s back in the driver’s seat? The China flu pandemic changed everything. It allowed Democrats to cheat and steal a presidential election. Suddenly, Biden was president, a man I believe is owned lock, stock and barrel by the Chinese Communist Party. During his first week as president, Biden showed his cards by signing a memorandum condemning the use of phrases like ‘Wuhan virus.’ Really?”

Well, now everybody is talking about the Wuhan virus, including then mainstream media and High Tech that used to block any mention of the Wuhan virus. Fauci’s emails tell the story.

After Biden took over the White House, Root claims “suddenly, the trade war was over and forgotten. The borders are wide open, and China is making hundreds of billions on human trafficking, sex trafficking, and manufacturing fentanyl and opioids to smuggle across. The U.S. military’s No. 1 objective is protecting gay and transgender rights. Black Lives Matter flags are flying at U.S. embassies. This is China’s greatest dream.

“The debate is over. Of course China developed COVID-19 in a bio-warfare lab to be a weapon of mass destruction. The question to investigate now is: Did China send it our way purposefully? Either way, I believe China is guilty of the worst acts of mass murder since Hitler, Stalin and Mao.”

Root’s suspicion are taking more solid form as US Senate investigations and independent media in the US and around the world are coming out more evidence of China’s accountability and the connivance of American health officials, High Tech and Big Pharma in the creation and pursuance of the pandemic.

Reports last week show the US senators grilling Fauci and the guy no longer look so powerful. There are demands for his removal from office. His fall will have global domino effect. The walls are cracking and people are demanding China’s accountability.*