Sigabong XXXI keeps rocking!

The UP Hamili Brotherhood and UP Hamilia Sisterhood hosted on March 22, 2019 Sigabong XXXI: HILWAY, HAMILI, HANGAWAY, the most awaited rock gala in Iloilo, at El Pirata Grill & Chill.

Banging on its 31st year in 2019, Sigabong featured new and unique recipe of rock music that looked back to its history and genesis through time.


What’s with the theme

Hilway is free, Hamili is genuinely/heartily chosen or given, Hangaway is warrior. In the context of Sigabong, the event provided a venue for Ilonggo bands to freely express themselves through music.

With Hamili-Hamilia organizing Sigabong, local rock bands and the rock metal fanatics and enthusiasts form a formidable circle of indefatigable and brave warriors who continues to rise amidst capitalist-driven music industry.


    • Ruby Jane Calad – vocals
    • July Jaingga – bass guitar
    • Abiezar Alba – 2nd guitar, keyboard
    • Joseph Zabalate – lead guitar
    • Jaylord Zabalate – drums


  • 1st runner-up: The Queens
    • JC Catedral-Guitar-Midi
    • Brendan Apuan-Vocals-Bass/
    • Pao Losanes-Guitar/
    • Mac Garcisto-Drums/



  • Justin Celis/Overall Instrument Engr.
  • Jesse Rizal Delgado/Guitar & Midi Tech
  • Renz Aivan Borres/Lead Guitar & Bass Tech
  • Sylvester Ichon/Drum Tech


  • 2nd runner-up: The Holiday Monster
    • Pao Escucha/rhythm/
    • Justin Celis/drums/
    • Jerprey Ian Guion/vocals
    • Renz Aivan Borres/bass/
    • Paolo Losañes/lead guitar/